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  • Jordan Boswell
    Greetings to All, Yes I know there is a lot of “stuff” to talk about but I wanted to take a minute and re-post something that was so inspiring to me that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2011

      Greetings to All,

      Yes I know there is a lot of “stuff” to talk about but I wanted to take a minute and re-post something that was so inspiring to me that I wanted to share it with everyone else. In fact, I am not the least bit embarrassed to say I got choked up a bit when first reading this.

      A quick note on the source:  The following excerpt was taken, with permission, from the quarterly report I received from the Principality of Avacal YAC Deputy, Lord Peregrine Falconer.

      I have been awed and humbled by the amazing generosity, SCA spirit, and abilities of the real core of Youth Armored Combat – our senior YAC combatants!


      1. Before the YAC Workshop I was approached yet again – individually – by each of the three Borealis fighters who offered to loan their own prized and unique armor to new prospects, and to spend hours helping support the workshop, instead of fighting themselves in the following practice.  And Helena taught one of the sessions (target areas and blow calling) and Luke demonstrated ably with his father, Fergus.  These individuals may be young but they demonstrated patience and thoroughness that was inspiring to an old man!

      2. During the workshop practice, I was approached by Brennan of Vinjar.  Last year a beautiful YAC shield, with a canvas facing painted beautifully with the devices of the three Baronies of Avacal, was donated and it was awarded OUTRIGHT to Brennan as the consensus outstanding fighter.  But he had graduated to Heavy Armored Combat and requested we award it again OUTRIGHT to this year’s outstanding fighter.  But when we (their Excellence’s of Borealis and myself) chose Thyme as the FINAL recipient she immediately said she wanted it to present it to next year’s outstanding fighter as an ongoing award.  As an adult, I found this difficult to understand, but she TAUGHT ME MUCH by explaining that she appreciated the honor but that she came to fight and enjoy competing, so the prize was unexpected and unnecessary, and she wanted it to use it to encourage the fighters who followed.  She may be young but the example set by Brennan and Thyme brings honor to them, and their families, and all the things we hold high in the SCA.

      3.    These YAC examples, above all other rewards, is why I serve THE DREAM.


      Thank you Peregrine for those most apt words.

      Friends, SCA(dians) and An Tir(ians), this is what the program is…….. ALL ABOUT!!!

      Now, I do not want to write too much and bog down the message behind the words above, but I feel I must make this one point. I think all of us in the program can learn from the actions of these most chivalrous young warriors, regardless of what role we choose to play; be it officer, spectator, carded fighter, adviser or just plain helper. 


      HL Jólgeirr Álarson

      YAC Kingdom Deputy

      mka Jordan Boswell   


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