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July Coronation

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  • Jordan Boswell
    Greetings to All, *Please Note: Before getting to the meat of this message, I just wanted to warn you that it is also being posted on the FB page, so please
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2011

      Greetings to All,

      Please Note: Before getting to the meat of this message, I just wanted to warn you that it is also being posted on the FB page, so please excuse the duplication. Just want to get the word out.

      July Coronation is right around the corner and besides all that "other" stuff that will be happening we are planning to have two days of YAC activities for all. The schedule has been posted to the Kingdom Calendar, see link below:

      (Event's Web Site)

      But first; are you planning on coming but unsure of where you might find room to camp? Well, look no further.

      House Meðelsteade has reserved a huge area near gate in which to camp and would like to invite all those YAC enthusiasts who do not already have arrangements / invitations / commitments with other friends to camp with us. For those not familiar with Meðelsteade, the Head of the Household is one Lord Daði Mánaskröggr Vébrandsson, our current YAC Western Regional Deputy and my mentor in the YAC program. In other words, it is he you can blame him for introducing both my boys and I to the dream, lol.

      So whether you are camping or day tripping we have a central location near the eriks for which to sit, relax and be completely overwhelmed by Yaks, I mean YAC inspired individuals.

      RSVPing is not necessary, but if you are planning on coming it would be great to hear from you so we can arrange the area once on site; especially if you are planning on camping.

      So, now you know where to throw your stuff down, what in the YAC will be going on. Well, we have arranged two eriks right off the Family Pavilion to be dedicated to YAC activities. Saturday, we will be having a YAC workshop all day. The idea is to have marshaling classes, (maybe promote a couple of those Juniors up to Seniors), introduction to the YAC for newcomers, run through some basic drills for our more experienced fighters and basically have a good time.

      Then, on Sunday morning, we will be having a YAC tourney which will be open to all divisions and skill level of fighters.

      Do not miss out on what should be a gloriously fun Event!

      As always, if you have questions or comments please feel to email or call me.


      Lord Jólgeirr Álarson      

      YAC Kingdom Deputy

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