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  • Peregrine (David McDowell)
    Greetings to the List - Firstly, my belated congratulations to Lord Álarson on his appointment. I look forward to working with him in the coming years. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 20, 2010
      Greetings to the List -

      Firstly, my belated congratulations to Lord Álarson on his appointment. I look forward to working with him in the coming years.

      I'm off this weekend to hold another YAC workshop and practice seven hours north of here. I'm taking our two Dragon class fighters - their parents can't come so they can't fight, but they are coming to teach the workshop with me, and to loan their armour so new kids can try out fighting. These kids are teaching me a lot about service!

      Following is my bio as requested:

      SCA Name: Lord Peregrine Falconer. The Navigator

      Mundane Name: David McDowell, age 59

      Current Location: Barony of Borealis, Avacal, mka Edmonton. Alberta, Canada

      I am older and also discovered the SCA late in life. My job has taken me to many of the locations of our Dream; after a year living in England on a project, my wife and daughter returned to Canada while I continued on to 9 months in Denmark and nearly a year in Bergen Norway. And when I returned, I found my daughter had joined the SCA so I started driving her to practices and events, so began staying for the activities, and became hooked on the SCA.

      I have been in the SCA over ten years now. I started with an interest in garb and A&S, then period cooking, and have continued in all of these. But when I was attending an event where the SCA was doing a demo, and I saw a siege engine being operated unsafely, I realized that I had an obligation to help ensure safety for our participants and players. I am an engineer who has spent most of my 35 year career working in refineries, oil and gas, and other process industries where safety is instilled in us. So I acquired my Junior Marshal, then Senior Marshal in Siege Combat and have been the Principality Deputy for Siege for some time. I have tried to develop siege in Avacal through teaching courses, training siege crew and marshals, and supporting engine construction and inspection but really haven’t made the progress I had hoped for.

      Six years ago, I was drafted to do the field marshaling for a local war – all the fighters wanted to participate, so after inspection I was loaned a helmet (we have a major combat archery component) and got to marshal combat from close up. And I really enjoyed it also! So I had a helm made, and because I am old and cautious put together a harness that has probably the highest protection of anyone on the war field. And I have since acquired my Senior Marshal authorization in Combat Archery and eventually Heavy Combat, and have been MIC for many events including the two major wars in Avacal the last two years.

      When I marshal a war, I expect to get hit – I was piked in the back at full speed, and had my staff broken in two by a sword, at Estrella, and am frequently hit by deflected pikes, combat and siege bolts, thrown weapons, and occasion wild sword swings. After a war, I try to do pickups to get killed and relax, and have attended a number of our heavy practices. I find that actually fighting gives me a much better perspective on marshaling – what things look like from an observer’s perspective and how they look and feel from inside the fight can be very different. But like Lord Álarson, I have deliberately not gotten authorized but in my case I was afraid I might enjoy fighting so much I wouldn’t want to continue marshaling. However, the ABYAC states you must be authorized to spar with the kids so …

      Unlike most of the YAC community, I have no relatives or other ties to potential participants. But I have always been interested in working with young people. So when our Barony started showing an interest, I got involved with the organizing committee, then - with the encouragement/support/push from our then Prince and Princess, Wernar and Helene, and my Baron and Baroness (once King and Queen), Vik and Inga - I pursued authorization as a Senior Marshal in YAC, then helped run our first workshop for potential competitors and then ran our second workshop. And since we had a strong group at Barony level, and my job has made me more tolerant of bureaucracy, paperwork, and organization than many in the SCA, and I was already used to working with our Principality Knight Marshal, I sought the YAC Principality Deputy position.

      And if Jólgeirr’s reason for taking the Kingdom Deputy position sounds corny – which I personally dispute – then my reason and result is cornier still. I took the position for the noble, selfless, unrewarding goal of service – and have ended up falling in love with kids who want to play in our dream. The youth who I thought I could help have helped me more, by giving me a great inspiration for all aspects of my SCA life.

      Yours in Service to the Dream, and our Youth,

      Peregrine Falconer, the Navigator
      YAC Avacal Deputy
      (mka David McDowell)
      Barony of Borealis, Principality of Avacal, Kingdom of An Tir
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