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  • Evenon de Remy
    Welcome to the List Edmund! I am in a busy stint right now, but I will be coming back to the list with a request for more information related to the new
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      Welcome to the List Edmund!    


      I am in a busy stint right now, but I will be coming back to the list with a request for more information related to the new website contstruction.


      Stay tuned!




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      Greetings Edmund,

      Welcome to the YAC list.

      Holding YAC practice with adult heavy practice is a good way to go. If you have 2 practices a week, you could choose one of the two practices and just publish that YAC is then and let folks show up. Another option would be to poll the parents first to see if you have more parents willing to bring their kids to one practice or the other. You could always publish a practice schedule and trade off days so that those that cannot come on one day can come on the other. Unless you have a burning desire to make it 2 YAC practices a week all summer, then go for it.

      As to the alterations of hockey gear to armour. So far we are still working that out, there isn't an armour construction guide, yet. I think most folks are working to get their programs up and running. That said a lot of hockey gear only needs minimal alteration, like sometimes elbows and knees need leather extensions to cover the points of the joints, but well fitting hockey gear covers a lot of what is needed, and many of the alterations are more for comfort then YAC legality. The exception is the helm, which does need stiff leather guards for all around the neck.

      My daughter Thora mostly wears hockey gear, because I am not an armourer, but I played ice hockey as a teen, so I go with what I know. I have Thora wear a big tunic over her hockey gear, and she has an adult heavy helmet, which makes her look better on the field then if she was walking around in sporting gear. When Thora wore a hockey helmet I put black tape over the logos so that she was a fighter in a black helm instead of a fighter in a "CCM" helm.

      I think Sable 3M's YAC warden may have sent you my sword construction pdf, if not, it is in the files section of this group under armour and weapons construction. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about it.

      Sorry we don't have the armour construction guide yet, but we are all sort of figuring this out on the fly. Fortunately, we share what we are getting right with each other.



      --- In AnTirYAC@yahoogroups.com, "edmundhalliday" <danel56@...> wrote:
      > Greetings to the List;
      > We've finally started Youth Armoured Combat in the Barony of Borealis and I'm thrilled to be at the center of things. I'd like to post some questions to folks who have been doing this for a while though, hoping to avoid some pitfalls through wiser advice.
      > 1. How often do you hold practice?
      > Our adults hold fight practice twice a week but only a few come to both of those practices. I'd aimed on the YAC being weekly but I'm curious if this may be too much?
      > 2. Is there a document with recommendations for armour adaptations and construction?
      > The ABYAC gives the rules for protection, coverage and so on, but the actual means of converting a helmet, or hockey pads, etc. is something I'd like to share with the parents. Experienced heavy fighters in our Barony have contributed advice, loaner gear, and their own expertise but I'm wondering if there is something Youth specific.
      > That's it for now, but I'd like to thank all of you in advance for being a part of the next generation of the SCA.
      > Your Humble Servant;
      > Edmund Halliday
      > Pending Warden of Youth Armoured Combat, Borealis

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