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Re: Youth Armored Combat Pracitce Day Report

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  • ursula_f0wler
    Greetings All, Sable hosted a great day of YAC in our fair barony of Three Mountains. We had 8 youths, 2 of which are seasoned Dragon Class fighters and a
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2010
      Greetings All,

      Sable hosted a great day of YAC in our fair barony of Three Mountains.

      We had 8 youths, 2 of which are seasoned Dragon Class fighters and a great group of new fighters. Attending were 1 Lion class, 4 Griffin class, and 3 Dragon class fighters, plus parents, a member of chivalry/former royalty, and other interested folks all came out to jump start the season.

      First we went over the rules of the list and talked about chivalry and combat. Then we had most of the kids work on a Pell with Earl Sir Edward, and I ran a sword making workshop where we made or rebuilt 4 Swords. Our seasoned YAC fighters decided to work on sword making, and my daughter Thora helped teach sword making. We recognized a new YAC Marshal, and helped our neighbors in the Shire of Mountainedge start to get their YAC program outfitted.

      Thanks to Sable's hard work, our region now has 6 YAC marshals. That is quite an improvement over last season. Huzzah!!!

      As a parent of a YAC fighter who is starting her 6th season in YAC, this is shaping up into the YAC program we have always wanted.

      And we will be getting together next month to do it again.

      Thank you, Sable!



      --- In AnTirYAC@yahoogroups.com, "sabletheblack" <jaltona73@...> wrote:
      > Greetings Everyone,
      > Just a reminder: this Saturday March 27th at 11am, there will be a Youth Armored Combat preparation and practice. ARMOR IS NOT REQUIRED, but if you have it bring it. We will have at least one member of Chivalry attending this weekend to help with technique and training (Thank you Earl Edward) ADDITIONAL HEAVY FIGHTERS WILL GREATLY HELP AT THIS TIME, contact me if you need more info or to RSVP.
      > If you want to build armor, either bring your materials or come prepared to reimburse for materials. We have abundant access to pickle barrel, and I have a few staves of fresh rattan. A sewing machine will be on hand for those bringing fabric for tunics and such. We will have water and gatorade available for everyone (bring a water bottle for personal use), coffee and tea for the adults.
      > All youth fighters must have a parent or legal guardian. If you are bringing a youth that is not yours (even if they are not fighting) please contact me (503-933-8021 or david@...) to get the appropriate paperwork so that you can bring them.
      > The address: 12555 SE Bush Street, Portland, 97236. You will find that I live on a flag lot. You will most likely have to park on the street, but feel free to drop off gear at the driveway before you park.
      > Here are some things you may need:
      > - A copy of the An Tir Book of Youth Armored Combat
      > - Armor to use or build (don't forget your personal protection)
      > - Personal Water Bottle
      > - Lunch
      > - Any tools you might need to work on armor we have some but extras will help
      > - Personal camp chairs we have a limited supply
      > - Notepad and pen or pencil
      > The schedule is loose, but here is what we have.
      > - First hour will be rules and information.
      > - Second hour will be lunch while Ursula of Fowlkeep teaches how to make swords
      > - The last two hours will be open to practice with Earl Edward, and shop time to build armor with Master Aleyn the Younger.
      > If you come ready with armor, there will be time for authorization. Adults who want to be a part of the program can come and begin their familiarization in preparation to become an authorized youth armored combat marshal.
      > We look forward to everyone coming and joining the program.
      > In Service
      > Lord Sebastiaen 'Sable' des Roseaux
      > Youth Armored Combat Warden
      > Three Mountains Barony
      > mka
      > David Hemmer
      > david@...
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