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  • Jean Colbert
    Greetings unto the populace of Glymm Mere, At long last, we will be starting Youth Armored Combat (YAC for short) in our great Barony. The practices will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2009
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      Greetings unto the populace of Glymm Mere,
      At long last, we will be starting Youth Armored Combat (YAC for short) in our great Barony. The practices will be held on the Third Wednesday of the month at the Glymm Mere Great Hall Fighter Practice, at Garfield Elementary School in Olympia at 7 PM. I would like the first one to be this month, but we do not have all the equipment we need. I have about two or three suits of armor that could be ready by the 18th, but I do not have any 3/4" rattan to make swords out of yet. I have e-mailed Sir Walter to see if he would be making a rattan run soon or not, but have not yet heard back from him. If someone else would be making a rattan run in the next week or so, a 9' stick of 3/4" rattan would be enough to make 3 swords, and we would have enough to start practices this month. Otherwise, the first practice will be March's Great Hall Fighter Practice.

      I will make sure I am at the next Baronial Armoring day at Grimr Asgeirson's (not sure when yet) to help anyone who is interested in getting their kid into armor. If you do not mind traveling here to Aberdeen, we can work in my shop anytime by appointment. I have recently been laid off, so until I get back to work, my schedule is very flexible, but my wallet is not, so please bring the materials you will need, or contributions to the coffers. Just be warned, my shop is a small shed that will only fit about 2 or 3 people at a time, so will not be able to accommodate a bunch of people at once. For those who want to start working on armor by themselves, or want to know the rules for Youth Armored Combat, you can find the An Tir Book of Youth Armored Combat at http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/YouthCombat2008.pdf.

      We will be having our first YAC Tournament at Mayfaire, so we need to get our kids and our Barony ready for this. I would also like help making Baronial youth loaner armor, if you have a spare pickle barrel or some youth-sized sporting equipment that could be turned into Youth Armor, please contact me. I will include a list of materials and sporting equipment that we can use in the next paragraph. If there is anyone else who is interested in becoming a YAC marshal, let me know and we can work on that as well. If you are already a Heavy Marshal, it will make it easier, since we will only need to go over the differences between Youth and Heavy Combat. When we put the rules for YAC together, we realized we would be training Youth for the eventually transition into Heavy Combat, so we made the rules as similar as possible.

      For those who would like to help out with loaner equipment here is a list of things we need/can be used for YAC: tabards or canvas to make some, pickle barrels, scrap leather, 3/4" rattan, 1/2" closed cell foam (pipe insulation for 3/4" pipes), strapping tape, athletic tape, duct/gorilla tape, buckles, D-rings, copper rivets and burrs, or any old pieces of armor you are no longer using that can be converted into youth sized. Sporting equipment that can be converted to YAC use are: hockey helmets, catcher helmets, hockey gloves, leather weight lifting belts, plastic or padded body armor (I.E. motocross, hockey, etc.), skateboarding knee and elbow pads (with hard plastic shells), and closed-cell foam protective gear (I.E. martial arts padded suits, zip-up close fitting life jackets that covers front and back). Some of these sporting equipments can be used as is, and some needs some working to convert them into usable equipment. I just recently picked
      up a couple motocross chest plates that will work great, once I add more padding to them, and cover them with something to hide their blaring mundanity.

      I am glad to finally be getting this program off the ground for our Barony, and I would like to thank Gwen the Pied Piper who volunteered to help out until my background check goes through, so we can start it now, and not have to wait. In order for this to happen I will also need your help, so please help out in what ever way you can.
      Thank you,
      Lord Jean-Pierre

      Illic est haud affectus , illic est pacis.
      Illic est haud ignarus , illic est scientia.
      Illic est haud perturbatio , illic est serenus.
      Illic est haud chaos , illic est consensio.
      Illic est haud nex , illic est Phasmatis.

      sona si latine loqueris

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