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RE: [AnTirYAC] New Rattan and vendor warning

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  • Daniel Ramey
    Hey Jean-Pierre, Ping the An Tir fighters list and someone will remember the name of the … oh yeah.. I remember! The one in Seattle is called Northwest
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      Hey Jean-Pierre,


      Ping the An Tir fighters list and someone will remember the name of the … oh yeah.. I remember!   The one in Seattle is called Northwest Cane Supply.





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      How much was it at Frank's?  I have done a little searching and the best I found was at Cane and Basket supply at http://www.canebasket.com/contact.htm.  $11.50 for 9 foot pole, $8.50 for S&H if you cut it down to 3 foot sections.  Where do you live?  If I remember correctly, there is a place in the Freemont area of Seattle that you can pick it up at, but they do not have a website.  I tried looking it up, but could not remember the name, so I am hoping someone on this list knows what I am talking about, and can help you out.



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      Subject: [AnTirYAC] New Rattan and vendor warning
      To: AnTirYAC@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, July 11, 2008, 9:09 AM

      I just bought some rattan for my daughters new YAC swords. I ordered
      from HH Perkins 2 9 ft. poles of 3/4th inch skin on rattan. All the
      fighters in my barony recommended HH Perkins so I thought I would get
      good service.

      Warning! Don't buy Youth Rattan from HH Perkins!

      What they sent me was 1 inch rattan though they called it 3/4th on the
      order conformation, and when I called the owner of the company, he
      was rather rude and would not listen to me about my concerns, kept
      going on about how he sells lots of rattan for SCA and I don't know
      what I'm talking about ect.

      It took me quite some time to get him to understand that we are
      changing rules, and we have a specific size of rattan required. I
      asked would he please warn other folks that 3/4th inch rattan means
      3/4" to 1 1/8" so customers won't waste money on the wrong rattan.
      Honestly, I had to repeat "would you please listen to me" 10 or 12
      times before he would.

      He was a jerk to me, treating me like I didn't know what I wanted or
      knew anything about natural materials. I ended up reading the new
      rules to him and he was like "too bad, you can sand it down". I bought
      3/4th rattan, so I wouldn't need to sand it down, orsand only a little
      bit. I am most unhappy with the treatment I recieved from HH Perkins,
      and feel it's only fair to warn others. Don't waste money on HH
      Perkins rattan, and please pass the word of warning to other parents
      wanting to buy rattan.

      I contacted Franks Cane and Rush in Cal. and they sell rattan by the
      largest diameter, so a 3/4th inch piece of rattan is 3/4 inch or less.
      The Atenveldt YAC Kingdom Deputy says they order a lot from Franks
      with good results. Their prices are better too. My next batch of
      rattan I'll try buying there.

      When I emailed to contact each cane seller, Franks emailed me back
      within the hour, my email to HH Perkins hadn't been answered in 2
      days, so I had to call. That says it all. Wish I'd found Frank's Cane
      before I ordered from Perkins.

      http://www.franksup ply.com/index. html




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