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Fw: [Evercleare] Youth Combat - Blatha An Oir Tourney PLUS+++

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  • Jean Colbert
    For those in the Blath an Oir area, wish it was a little closer to me.    YIS,      Jean-Pierre He who angers you, controls you! You can tell how big a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2008
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      For those in the Blath an Oir area, wish it was a little closer to me.



      He who angers you, controls you!

      You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage him.

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      From: Beth Park <elspethn@...>
      Subject: [Evercleare] Youth Combat - Blatha An Oir Tourney PLUS+++
      To: "William D. Tilman" <aleksii@...>
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      Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 3:32 PM

      Can you believe I forgot to mention we will also be haveing youth combat 
      this evening along with everything else.
      Lord Mathias Geirson, Our Youth Combat Marshal and all around nice guy, will 
      be hosting the youth combat fighter practice at the BAO Tuesday night 
      practice every week until Autumn War. HIs plan is to help our younger 
      fighters get ready for the Carl Redstone Memorial Tourney at the big war her 
      - Baroness Elspeth
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      From: "Beth Park" <elspethn@...>
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      "Blatha An 
      Oir Baronial List" <bao@...>
      Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 11:44 AM
      Subject: [Gate2] BRING A CHAIR - Blatha An Oir Tourney PLUS+++
      > Greetings all,
      > We have plenty of things going on this evening at the Blatha An Oir fight
      > Practice.
      > First up, We have moved or Monthly heavy tourney to the second Tuesday of
      > the month, (That would be tonight) so that more of our near by neighbors 
      > can
      > make it.
      > AND, I hear our new Rapier Champion, Jonheathur Askniisdottier, will be 
      > here
      > along with her gear and her SCA dad, Thorbjorn Askni, Both looking to get 
      > in
      > a little practice of their own. I would LOVE to see our Rapier community
      > come and take advantage of the open field across the street from our 
      > house.
      > ( i.e........we have a place for everyone to change clothes and use the
      > restroom.)
      > Also, Don't forget tonight is our extra-large Pot luck. I'm making
      > and
      > veggie Shish-ka-bobs. Please bring a side dish to feed 10 if you can. I 
      > have
      > plenty of paper plates and plastic forks.
      > And lets not forget that we will be having the Autumn war Planning meeting
      > this evening as well.
      > Oh, and incase you didn't know, this week marks the 25th anniversary
      > the
      > Barony of Blatha An Oir. So feel free to stop by just to share a story or
      > two about the barony or to hear about the great deeds done this past 
      > weekend
      > at Antir-West War.
      > The Autumn War meeting starts at 6pm. Fighting starts at 6:30. My plan is 
      > to
      > start serving dinner around 8:30 if we can get the fighters off the field.
      > Quick Directions, Take I-5 to the 56th Street exit.  Head east for about 2
      > miles, when you pass McKinley, it is the next street (I Street).  Turn 
      > left,
      > go about 2 blocks and park near the school, there will be many other cars
      > there. If you have any Questions, please call me at 253-255-4625
      > One last thing, If you have a chair handy you might want to bring it. I do
      > have about 10 chairs but I see them filling fast with people coming strait
      > her from work.
      > In Service to the Dream,
      > Baroness Elspeth nic Grath
      > (Hoping to see her back yard full of friends - old and new.)
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      "Blatha An Oir
      > Baronial List" <bao@...>
      > Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008 1:56 PM
      > Subject: [antir-fighters] Blatha An Oir Tourney Tomorrow
      >> Tomorrow nights practice is the monthly Blatha An Oir Tournament, the
      >> tournament is open style swing what ya bring.
      >> If you have crown tourney shield bring them along as well his
      >> Excellency has a very cool way to run the tournament moving the
      >> shields for pairing purposes.
      >> Hope to see many of you there last month we had close to thirty
      >> people come out for the tournament.
      >> Her Excellency has said she is making meat on a stick please feel
      >> free to bring something for sharing.
      >> There will be lots of stories from the war don't miss out.
      >> Daniel Sear
      >> Squire to Sir Daniel d' Antioch
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