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RE: [AnTirYAC] Section III revisited.

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    Gentles All, My last post on this lost its formatting so I am trying to post it again to make it easier to read. I hope it works this time. Hallgrim I.
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      Gentles All,


      My last post on this lost its formatting so I am trying to post it again to make it easier to read.  I hope it works this time.





              C.   Cross-Division Combat

                       1.   “Cross-division combat” means that a youths from one division will be fighting youths from a different division.

                       2.   All cross-division combat requires that:

      a.    The senior combatants are advised to:

                                       i.     Strike the junior opponent by a light touching with his or her weapon;

                                      ii.     Acknowledge the intentional light touches from the weapons of junior opponents as good blows; and

                                    iii.     That senior combatants are encouraged to either fight from their knees or plant a leg when engaging a junior opponent when the senior combatant believes he or she is substantially more skilled than his or her junior opponent.

                       3.   Cross-division wars:

      a.    Senior combatants must be advised to make the battles fun for the junior combatants.

      b.    Each division will be grouped as a team.  All lions must fight as the first team, all griffins must fight as the second team, and all dragons will fight as the third team.

      c.    Only two teams may take the field at a time.

      d.    These rules are necessary to ensure that aggression between two senior combatants does not endanger junior combatants.

                       4.   Cross-division tournaments and brackets.

      a.    Generally:

                                       i.     When one of the divisions is underrepresented it is suggested that divisions be combined to create a cross-division bracket.

                                      ii.     A branch may have a combination of a cross-division and same-division brackets within the same tournament.  For example, dragons and griffins may fight in a “dragon-griffin bracket” (cross-division) and the lions may fight in a “lion bracket” (same-division).

                                    iii.     Only two combatants may be engaged within a cross-division eric at any time, this means that cross-division melee style tournaments are prohibited.

      b.    Wins and losses:

                                       i.     Wins and losses between cross-division opponents will be announced only in the eric at the conclusion of the bout, but will not: (1) be recorded by the listkeeper; (2) used to calculate division or overall tournament champions, or (3) made available to the populace by the youth armoured combat staff.

                                      ii.     Wins and losses between same-division opponents will be recorded and the combatant with the best record within each division may be announced to the populace.

              D.   Selecting Youth Armoured Combat Victors and Champions:

                       1.   Selecting an overall victor.

      a.    A tournament must either have: (1) no overall tournament victor; (2) one overall victor selected by a gallery in attendance and appointed by the sponsoring branch; or (3) one overall victor who shall be the combatant with the best overall ratio of wins over losses recorded in accordance with Section III(C)(4)(b) above. 

                                       i.     In the event of a tie where an overall tournament victor is to be declared, the following tiebreakers will be applied in order until the tie is broke:  (1) if the combatants in a tie are of the same-division, they shall fight a tiebreaker bout or bouts and the winner of the bout or bouts shall be declared the overall victor, or (2) the combatant with the most wins shall be declared the overall victor, or (3) the combatant in the senior-most division shall be declared the overall victor.

                       2.   Selecting a division victor.

      a.    A branch may select a division victor by means of its own choosing provided that the selection does not run counter to the An Tir Book of Youth Armoured Combat, and specifically that cross-division wins and losses are not used to calculate the division victor.

                       3.   Youth armoured combat champions of branches.

      a.    Although there are three youth armoured combat divisions, a branch may opt to have only one youth armoured combat champion. 

      b.    Youth champions, as opposed to adult champions, may not be considered officers of the SCA and shall have no corporate responsibilities.


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