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RE: [AnTirYAC] Re: Retrofitting elbows and knees

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  • hallgrim@us-enable.com
    Hi Godfrey, Well I am interested in seeing the information. Can you direct me to some websites, etc. that detail the weapon construction and armor
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      Hi Godfrey,

      Well I am interested in seeing the information. Can you direct me to some
      websites, etc. that detail the weapon construction and armor requirements
      for these other groups? I am going to move this discussion to
      An-Tir-YCRR@yahoogroups.com. Let's pick up the discussion over there.

      I have armored up two boys and it is a great effort to keep them armored up.
      Certainly, lots more can participate.


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      Subject: [AnTirYAC] Re: Retrofitting elbows and knees

      Well, simple addition of some foam added in with contact cement will
      take care of that (though I do think the extra padding is a little
      over the top considering the weapons are padded). I'm still of the
      opinion that the weapon construction for YAC needs to be changed as
      opposed to armouring up the kids the same as heavies. It's much
      easier to change a sword than it is for a parent to upgrade armour on
      growing kids.

      I'd really like the the SCA YAC program look at the weapon
      construction of other "FULL CONTACT" foam fighting groups (Dagorhir,
      Belegarth, Darkon etc). These are weapons designed to be wielded by
      ADULTS and used at full force against unarmoured opponents (excluding
      head shots of course)

      The weapon construction the SCA uses is almost the same as the "LOW
      CONTACT" OR "TAP" fighting groups. It's very low tech and almost
      laughable. Any of the "FULL CONTACT" groups will tell you that "pipe
      insulation" foam is the worst stuff you can use, as it breaks down
      gets "sweet" spots quickly. Duct tape also tends to compress the
      foam and slaps any exposed skin. That and the fact you can not check
      or repair any foam without completly destroying the sword. Where as
      it's much easier to double check foam break down with a removable
      cloth cover.

      Just my thoughts


      PS...ya, Yahoo tends to screw up links all the time. You have to
      copy/paste the whole line (it put the .jpg on the next line)

      --- In AnTirYAC@yahoogroups.com, "hallgrimv" <hallgrim@...> wrote:
      > Godfrey and Gentles All,
      > I am not able to look at those pictures... it says they have been
      > moved or deleted when I click on the link.
      > From what you are describing it sounds like they still may not pass
      > muster.
      > The ABCs say: "The elbow point and bones at either side of the
      > joint must be covered by a rigid material underlain by at least 1/4
      > inch (6mm) of closed-cell foam or equivalent padding."
      > I read that to mean that all 3 points of the elbow must be covered
      > 1/4" of padding and a rigid material. I am not sure if your
      > is covered the outside of your child's elbows and knees?
      > Hallgrim
      > --- In AnTirYAC@yahoogroups.com, "godvonravsca" <godvonrav@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Well, in an attempt at keeping my son's armour up to spec of the
      > new
      > > rules that are being worked on, I needed to up this elbow and
      > knees.
      > > The basic sports pads wouldn't be enough (they want side joint
      > > coverage) so....what to do. Well, basically add some armour
      > > leather to the sides. Luckily the Cooper pads had grommet holes
      > > already in place and it was real easy to add the leather to it.
      > >
      > >
      > > jpg
      > >
      > > After that I water hardend them (ya...seems backwards...but I
      > didn't
      > > want to have to deal with lining up holes after it was hardend
      > > had possibly shrunk)
      > >
      > >
      > > jpg
      > >
      > >
      > > jpg
      > >
      > >
      > > jpg
      > >
      > > These should pass muster.
      > >
      > >
      > > Godfrey von Ravensburg
      > >
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