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Update on YAC ABCs and call for YAC MIC for May Crown

Hi Everyone: I just wanted to send out a more formal announcement and let all of you know that I will be having surgery May 13th for a re-occurrence of my
Apr 26

PLEASE READ: Current Status of Waiver Requirments

Hi Folks: Ok so first I apologize for the length of this post but final word has come down from the Seneschal and it is not super great for YAC waivers I'm
Apr 1

Clarification on YAC waiver requirements.

Hi Folks: Ok so I have some good news for all of you. We do not need to fill out waivers for authorized YAC fighters with fighter cards. As a reminder
Mar 13

YAC Waiver requirements change

Hay Everyone: So this is the wording reprinted from the Marshal meeting about YAC waivers: Our new Kingdom Seneschal, Magistra Julia Sempronia, found in the
Mar 12

An Tir YAC updates and reports due.

Hi YAC folks, sorry for the relative Radio silence but I had a bit of life happening. I am going to be refocusing on YAC activities in preparation for the
Feb 1

Big favor

Greetings Jordan, I am sad to hear you are stepping down. I do understand when it is time. I was going to write this email before you letter but I am still
Kimberly Broderick
Aug 10, 2014

Important Announcement

Greetings to All, Although this post cannot be accompanied by the pomp and circumstance that really should go along with this type of proclamation, please try
Jordan Boswell
Aug 10, 2014

Borealis YAC Marshal-at-Large Report Q2 2014

Your Excellencies, Mistress Seneschal - Attached is my report (in the prescribed format) of Borealis Youth Armored Combat for the second quarter of 2014. Also
Peregrine (David McDowell)
Jul 4, 2014
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    Avacal Youth Champion 2014 MIC.pdf
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    2014 Q2 Borealis YAC Report.pdf

Fwd: Current fighter & marshal paperwork to use

... From: Martial Authorization Officer Date: Tue, May 6, 2014 at 7:48 PM Subject: Current fighter & marshal paperwork to use To:
Jordan Boswell
May 7, 2014

Re: Borealis YAC Marshal-at-Large Report - First Quarter 2014

My Lady Seneschal, Your Excellencies - I regret that I submitted my previous non-report (or report from an unheld office) not in the form mandated by my dread
Peregrine (David McDowell)
Apr 21, 2014
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    2014 April Borealis YAC Report.pdf

Officer Reports

Greetings to All, We are closing in on the time frame where once again Quarterly Reports will be due. So, I felt like this would be a good time to once again
Jordan Boswell
Apr 21, 2014

12th Night Marshallate Meeting Notes and More....

Greetings to All, I just uploaded a number of documents to the Files section. Under Meetings & Newsletters are the Meeting Notes from the Martial Meeting at
Jordan Boswell
Feb 4, 2014

Avacal YAC Report for February 1, 2014 (Fourth Quarter 2013)

Your Highnesses, My Lord Seneschal - Attached and below is my report for the Avacal YAC for the Fourth Quarter 2014. Principality or Regional Area: 
Peregrine (David McDowell)
Jan 27, 2014
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    Avacal YAC Quarterly Report February 1 2014.doc

Yac marshal needed

Hello all. There is an event in terra pomaria called bar gemels and we are in need of a senior yac marshal to do yac things. (Its salem oregon by the way) The
Jan 21, 2014

YAC Update

Greetings to All, As always, if you want to read the short version of this note, check out the FB page. Now, I know there are a few announcements I need to
Jordan Boswell
Jan 20, 2014
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