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The Beginning Of The American People's Plebiscite System

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  • srubnaya
    The American People s Plebiscite is an essential ingredient in the developement of Direct Democracy, in the American People s goal of building a True American
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2010

      The American People's Plebiscite is an essential ingredient in the developement of Direct Democracy, in the American People's goal of building a True American Government Of The People For The People and BY The People.

      The upper echelons of Our Society could be of service in this quest, but most of it will have to be achieved by the Working and Middle Class Americans...because it is The People that needs the inclusion and participation in their New Government.

      While the computer is very helpful to this effort, We really should try to build the Direct Democracy People's Plebiscite System in grassroots Human terms. The internet is too vulnerable to "hacking" and status quo control to be completely counted on for the success of this movement. Especially when it comes to the counting and protection of the People's Vote.

      We should build the structure of Our New System in small, dedicated "building blocks" or "cells" that begin in Our Own Personal Neighborhoods.

      One Individual could take responsibility, in their neighborhood,  for ten voters and their paper recorded votes. His or Her civic duty would be to count the votes and store them in a safe place, after submitting them to another, larger, vote block of one hundred...which would also be controlled by an American Volunteer, who has demonstrated the ability to take this on.

      Then so forth, until the entire nation is involved and functioning.

      All of these positions of volunteer responsibility would rotate over a specified time frame. Everyone, who has the ability, and the dedication, should be given the opportunity to expedite Our New System in their Life Zones.

      These will be very busy positions to fill. Especially as We succeed in becoming the Third House of Congress and vote for ALL legislative decisions, (except, perhaps, for emergency military needs), of Our Direct Democracy Government. 

      All of this, which is only a part of our overall effort for Our Government. There is also the Truth education and discussion, of the matters at hand...each day. The votes would not serve as well, without good understanding of the issues.

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