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Calculate Your Gas Tax Burden

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  • Michael J. Schneider
    From: Mark Laythorpe From: http://www.SiteoftheSentient.com/gasoline.html Calculate Your Gas Tax Burden Kaz is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
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      Calculate Your Gas Tax Burden

      Kaz is editor of Economics at the Open Directory Project.

      Did you know that your state and federal government put a huge tax on
      your gasoline? Did you know that it may be as much as HALF of the
      price you pay for gas? Did you know that they HIDE this tax? They make
      it illegal for the gas station to show you by posting the real price
      of gax the way any normal store does!

      Let's find out how much of a tax burden you are being forced to carry.
      Just enter the price you pay for gas, then what state you're in:

      What do you pay for gas? [see website]

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      Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 8:37 PM
      Subject: Re: Stop Price Gouging -- by GOVERNMENT!


      Actually this [website] significantly UNDERSTATES the tax burden. The
      oil company has corporate income taxes, royalty taxes, payroll taxes,
      property taxes, etc. to pay. PLUS there are the taxes the gas station
      must pay for ITS employees, property, profit, etc. All of these taxes
      are cranked into the price at the pump.

      But here's the kicker -- the buyer in California also pay a hidden
      SALES TAX which is figured ON TOP of all the other taxes . . . that's
      right, a tax charged on your other taxes! For instance, in the above
      example, if the price AFTER the other taxes but BEFORE the state and
      federal EXCISE taxes was $1.40, add on the excise taxes totaling 36.4
      cents, and only THEN do you calculate the hidden sales tax (say 8% in
      L.A., or 15 cents in this instance). Thus the DIRECT taxes alone on
      today's gallon of gas is over 50 cents.

      In contrast, the oil company's NET (after taxes and expenses) profit
      on a gallon of gas is about 8 cents. So who is doing the gouging?

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