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Did Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up of OKC Bombing?

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  • Bill Nalty
    http://www.freerepublic.com/forum/a3ac64c9431a1.htm Did Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up of OKC Bombing? Crime/Corruption Breaking News News
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001
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      Did Former FBI Inspector Preside Over FBI Cover-up of OKC Bombing?

      Crime/Corruption Breaking News News Keywords:
      Source: OKCSubmariner Published: March 31, 2001
      Author: Patrick B. Briley Posted on 03/31/2001 13:31:00
      PST by OKCSubmariner

      Danny Defenbaugh is a special agent for the FBI in Dallas. He was the
      FBI inspector presiding over the OKC Bomb Task Force during the FBI’s
      investigation of the OKC bombing. As inspector, Defenbaugh directed
      and knew about the efforts of hundreds if not thousands of FBI agents
      involved in the OKC case in OKC and throughout the country.

      On March 28, 2001, Defenbaugh gave a taped interview for CNN which was
      broadcast and later posted in excerpt form on CNN’s website under the
      title: ”FBI: McVeigh discussed other bombing targets.”

      During the CNN interview Defenbaugh repeated the FBI’s public position
      that no John Does other than Terry Nichols helped McVeigh. He stated
      that the FBI based its conclusion that McVeigh acted alone on the FBI
      not seeing any John Does with McVeigh on a MacDonald’s surveillance
      video taken in Kansas shortly before McVeigh rented a Ryder truck.

      Defenbaugh and now McVeigh seem to be in curious agreement that only
      Nichols helped McVeigh. Defenbaugh is discounting hundreds of
      interviews his own FBI agents in OKC and around the country did with
      scores of witnesses who claimed McVeigh was helped by multiple John
      Does. See my recent article “Significant McVeigh Contacts” posted on
      the FreeRepublic on March 28, 2001 which describes many of the John
      Doe contacts with McVeigh as well as government operatives and
      provocateurs involved in a failed FBI sting operation.

      FBI agents under Defenbaugh threatened credible witnesses in OKC not
      to talk about seeing McVeigh with John Does including Army recruiters,
      and witnesses Debbie Burdick and Leah Moore. Deputy Sheriff Dave
      Kochendoerfer was threatened by an FBI agent working for Defenbaugh, a
      Mr. James Carlisle, over Kochendoerfer’s assertion that Congressman
      Istook had told him on April 19, 1995 the FBI knew beforehand of a
      Middle Eastern threat against the Murrah building and “ blew it.” In
      other cases Defenbaugh’s FBI agents deliberately did not have photos
      of John Doe suspects shown to witnesses and deliberately did not have
      sketches made of John Does from the witnesses descriptions.

      Defenbaugh’s FBI agents talked to witnesses who place McVeigh in OKC
      with John Does at 2;30 pm on April 18, 1995 in direct contradiction of
      the FBI and McVeigh assertions that the bomb was built in Kansas on
      April 18, 1995 by only McVeigh and Nichols. Others witnesses in OKC
      known to Defenbaugh’s FBI agents claim they saw McVeigh being helped
      by Middle Eastern men to complete the bomb in OKC, and not in Kansas,
      on April 18, 1995. Defenbaugh’s FBI agents and US prosecutor Sean
      Connelly refused to receive, until almost four years after the
      bombing, more evidence on this collected from the witnesses by
      attorneys who went to the FBI and the prosecutor.

      Senior FBI case agent John Hersley, also later under Defenbaugh,
      testified at a preliminary hearing on April 27, 1995, that the FBI had
      photos (taken from a surveillance camera on the Regency Towers
      apartment building nearby) that showed McVeigh with a John Doe
      speeding away in the Mercury Marquis moments before the Ryder truck
      blew up. Hersely told the court that the photos corroborated what FBI
      witness Gary Lewis had seen, McVeigh with a John Doe, at the same time
      and place shown on the surveillance camera photos. This court evidence
      and the photos are the subject of a Federal Hearing in OKC scheduled
      for June 2001 with several attorneys and a Federal Judge.

      In the CNN interview, Defenbaugh made a startling admission: the FBI
      learned AFTER the bombing that McVeigh also intended to bomb Federal
      targets in Omaha and Dallas. There is strong evidence to show that
      Defenenbaugh and the FBI knew of the US government’s knowledge of
      plans to bomb these Federal targets months BEFORE the OKC bombing.

      At least six months before the OKC bombing, Cary Gain was given
      special immunity by US attorneys in Denver for providing the FBI
      detailed information that Federal targets in OKC, Denver, Omaha and
      Dallas were to be bombed around in April 1995. Dallas and Omaha were
      the same cities named by Defenbaugh that were also McVeigh’s targets.
      This is not a coincidence and suggests the FBI knew about and took
      Gagin’s information seriously BEFORE the OKC bombing.

      The US attorneys revoked Gain’s grant of immunity in retaliation for
      Gain going public with his story. Gagin has sued the Federal
      government for revocation of his grant of immunity.

      Gagin had also told the FBI of the involvement of a native American
      Indian in the bombing plots. A native American Indian was seen with
      McVeigh in OKC around the time of the OKC bombing by many witnesses
      who spoke to the FBI including Dr. Paul Heath of the VA office in the
      Murrah Building. McVeigh and the Indian visited Heath in his office
      around April 7, 1995 . The FBI threatened to ruin Heath’s reputation
      for Heath describing the meeting with McVeigh and the Indian on local

      An American Indian also traveled with Gary D. Hunt who knew McVeigh
      and who has praised McVeigh for bombing a Federal Building as an act
      of war on Tom Valentine’s radio program in 1996. Hunt negotiated with
      the BATF and David Koresh at Waco in 1993. The Indian Heath saw with
      McVeigh may have been the Indian traveling with Hunt.

      It is significant that Defenbaugh mentioned Dallas as one of McVeigh’s
      targets because Dallas has had a major Middle Eastern terrorist cell
      that has been linked to Bin Laden and the OKC bombing.

      Bin Laden’s secretary, El Hage, was arrested in Dallas and indicted
      for helping the FBI operative Ali Mohamed for over six years set up
      Bin Laden cells in Dallas and the US as well as for the bombings of
      the World Trade Center and the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

      In February 1999, the FBI in OKC acknowledged to an attorney
      representing a reporter, that Middle Eastern suspects implicated in
      the OKC bombing were known to be operating out of a terrorist cell in
      Dallas. FBI director, Louis Freeh testified to Congress in May 1995
      that the FBI had infiltrated a Middle Eastern terrorist cell in

      Since being in Dallas, Defenbaugh has directed the FBI and Dallas
      police officers in tracking Middle Eastern terrorists associated with
      Bin Laden and the Dallas terrorist cell believed associated with the
      OKC bombing. In 1999 Defenbaugh had a public confrontation with the
      Dallas police chief, widely reported in Dallas media , over Defenbaugh
      using the police officers and Dallas taxpayers dollars without the
      chief’s permission and without telling the chief of the findings of
      his own police officers.

      Defenbaugh’s technique of heavily using police officers for FBI
      investigations was employed by him in OKC with OKC police officers who
      were “deputized” by Defenbaugh to be part of his OKC Bombing Task
      Force. This is a clear example of the Federalization of local police
      forces. I know for certain about this because the relationship between
      the FBI and the OKC police criminal intelligence unit was described to
      me in my home on January 8, 1996 by Defenbaugh’s FBI agent, James
      Carlisle, and a member of the OKC police criminal intelligence unit.
      These men came to my house to threaten me and my wife over what we had
      learned of FBI foreknowledge and cover-up of the OKC bombing.

      Defenbaugh also visited General Benton Partin in June 1996 with US
      prosecutor Beth Wilkinson to discuss Partin’s analysis of the cause of
      damage to the Murrah Building. During Defenbaugh’s interview, which
      was taped by Partin, Defenbaugh pointed to the location of what had
      been publicly shown as the truck bomb crater and said words to the
      effect : Suppose I were to tell you that is not the location of the
      crater from the source that did the most damage to the Murrah
      Building? Defenbaugh and Wilkinson tried to belittle and disparage
      Partin’s credentials during the interview, actions which were
      extremely insulting and suggested a veiled attempt at intimidation to
      discourage Partin.


      Partin has and still maintains that demolition charges were used in
      addition to the truck bomb and that even a 7000 pound bomb that
      McVeigh now alleges, would not explain the pattern of damage done to
      the Murrah Building.


      As FBI inspector for the FBI’s OKC Bomb Task force and based on his
      interview with Partin, Defenbaugh may have participated in an FBI
      cover-up of the methods used in bombing the Murrah Building. It is
      believed that Defenbaugh’s FBI agents covered up alleged government
      foreknowledge and sting operations leading up to the OKC bombing,
      threatened and improperly discounted John Doe witnesses, and
      deliberately lied about, falsified, withheld and suppressed evidence
      material to the OKC bombing case.

      Defenbaugh and his agents in my opinion are guilty of criminal
      negligence and criminal obstruction of justice. Their continued
      misrepresentations and denials have convinced me that Defenbaugh and
      the FBI are still more interested in protecting themselves than US
      citizens from terrorist attacks. Congress should investigate the FBI
      and remove Defenbaugh and Louis Freeh from the FBI and have them
      prosecuted for any crimes they may have committed in the OKC bombing

      With McVeigh’s execution in May 2001 and with Nichols at least serving
      a life sentence, the FBI and Defenbaugh can no longer deflect
      allegations of FBI criminal behavior by asserting the allegations
      might jeopardize the prosecution’s case of McVeigh or Nichols.

      If Defenbaugh and FBI should claim that questioning him and the FBI on
      these matters under oath in Congress would undermine Federal law
      enforcement, I hope the public and Congress will realize that not
      addressing and resolving the questions adequately will in fact further
      undermine the public’s lack of trust in the FBI and Federal law

      Of course, there sadly is always the prospect the Congress (because of
      cowardice or being compromised) will do nothing or that a special
      investigator like Danforth will be appointed to white wash the whole
      mishandling of the OKC case by the FBI and the Federal government. It
      is very difficult to get the Federal government to do a good job of
      investigating the Federal government.
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