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BDH: Memo to Clinton: No, you can't buy me a drink

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  • bobhunt@erols.com
    this guy woke all from one speech??? He should resign from his profession. He still does not see it . bh  
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      this guy "woke" all from one speech???

      He should resign from his profession.
      He still does not "see it".



      COLUMN: Memo to Clinton: No, you can't buy me a drink
      By Joshua Skolnick

      Brown Daily Herald (Brown U.)

      (U-WIRE) PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Watching the State of the Union address on
      Tuesday night, I experienced a fundamental change in the way I view our
      country. As a columnist, I spend a good amount of time gauging where we are
      as a country, and where we are going.

      Last year, I wrote a column explaining exactly why Bill Clinton was correct
      in stating that the State of the Union is the strongest it has ever been in
      his farewell speech. Today, I realized exactly what was so bankrupt and
      empty about that statement. Today, Bill Clinton's America was finally swept
      into the dustbin of history as little more than an old page from a tabloid
      newspaper. Like an old relationship that was shallow and based on sex,
      Clinton felt like nothing compared to what we have now. The America of
      vacillation, of two-faced explanations, of posturing and politicking, now
      seems to have been put to bed. The New America is an America that is
      confident of its values. At Brown, many, like Clinton, are lost. We may
      spend endless time debating values, debating what the meaning of "is" is or
      the various ways we can deconstruct anything that anyone says. This is all
      very interesting, but when it comes down to it, and I am asked what my
      values are, I find that they were summed up beautifully by George W. Bush.
      His speech made me swell with love of country, and disdain for college. That
      speech made me want to live in America, not at Brown. I had been duped into
      falling in love with Clinton's America. Bush's speech made me realize just
      how wrong I was.

      If Clinton was a womanizer (the "if" is probably unnecessary) than I am a
      woman. He got me. He made me think that this country's welfare was based on
      our sky-high stock market prices. He took me out to dinner, paid for
      everything, and told me that I had beautiful eyes. I was a fool not to
      notice the mischief going on beneath the table.

      We were all taken in by Clinton. Year after year, he gave the most boring,
      detailed, laundry-list State of the Union addresses, and yet we clung to his
      every word. We scoffed at critics such as John McCain, who rightly stated
      that Clinton conducted a "photo-op foreign policy." We collectively stared
      into his eyes while terrorist camps were being armed in Afghanistan. This is
      not to be taken lightly. Our foolishness, in part, led to our vulnerability
      on Spet. 11. If the Clinton Era hadn't gotten us drunk on the "good times",
      we could have pressured our leaders to make terror-fighting a top-priority.
      Instead, we woke up with our clothes off.

      In walked George W. Bush. On Tuesday night, he helped us put our clothes
      back on. He made us realize that we were more than our GDP, more than the
      latest tabloid. He gave us the shocking realization that this country is
      built on actual values. Free speech. Private property. Compassion for those
      who are less fortunate. Few other countries in the world with such power and
      prestige at their hand would actually mention, in what was the first
      assessment of the state of the union since a major foreign invasion, that we
      wanted to try to understand the peoples and the countries where this hatred
      is bred.

      The speech on Tuesday night was like a cool glass of water the morning after
      a frat party. You can't believe you went home with that girl, can't believe
      you drank so much, but you're glad to finally be back home.

      Unfortunately, Brown University doesn't quite feel like home. Essentially,
      the average Brown student is like a girl who has one bad experience with a
      male and then swears males off forever. When America commits one atrocity
      somewhere in Peru in 1979, or America is a bit too harsh on terrorists who,
      if not caught, would have tried to kill us, they swear off America forever.
      The fact is, America is a great nation. Certainly this is an opinion, but I
      look at the facts and feel proud of who we are, and who we are aiming to be.

      When I remembered my statements about Bill Clinton's last State of the Union
      address, it was like reading an old love letter that you sent to a real
      whore of a girl. The bad news is, at Brown, that girl's best friend lives
      next door. The good news is, now, like a guest on Jerry Springer, I've got a
      new man.

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