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Re: Camphor/camphor containing products

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  • Cindy
    Ok. Don t know what s going on with these links? ferretmomCindy
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2011
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      Ok. Don't know what's going on with these links? ferretmomCindy

      --- In AmericanFerretAssociation@yahoogroups.com, Cindy Wooten <ferretmom23@...> wrote:
      > Had some in another group have sick ferrets.  Sending in case we have any sick
      > ferrets in this group.  Please do not use/stop using Vick's, VapoRub, Marshall's
      > RX or any product containing camphor on or around your ferrets, small pets, or
      > young children(see attachments).  ferretmomCindy
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