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RE: [AFA Ferret] liquid stool-udate

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  • ferretmom23
    2 weeks is the protocol while using Biaxin, but if he is still showing ANY symptoms I d go at least another week or you ll have to start all over again:( Too
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      2 weeks is the protocol while using Biaxin, but if he is still showing ANY symptoms I'd go at least another week or you'll have to start all over again:( Too bad you couldn't use the metro. It is an excellent gastro antibiotic against many things, but sometimes that's the way it goes. It's amusing how ferts don't always cough meds right up, but hold them in their mouths 'til you put them down. Amazing how far they can "shoot" a pill across the floor. Lol. Glad he's getting better. ferretmomCindy

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      We are doing much better these days. Right now Sid is on Biaxin and amoxicillin. He was spitting up/out the flagyl/metron. He has started to eat all the soup I give him, his stool is firm and he has gained some weight. So, I think we are on the right track....

      My vet has never used Biaxin before or used this combination of meds before, so he is willing to let me use it, but we are unsure of how long...so I wanted to double check...we should continue Biaxin for 2 weeks?
      And how long on the amoxicillin then? Will 2 weeks be enough?

      My vet is not the most ferret knowledgable but those that are tend to be a long drive and with my work I have a hard time getting my ferrets to them. If I have any further problems, I will be taking him there...


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      > i've had good luck mixing the metro into the gravy and sprinkling on some nupro (lightly mix in). the nupro seems to do a decent job of hiding the metro
      > ..
      > joclyn
      > get your ferrets in the mongo memorial distemper titer study:
      > http://www.ferret.org/news/07-april-titer_study.html

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