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Re: Cinnamon's Nipping and Booty

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  • suziqrn000
    ... when it comes to nipping and playful biting. I obviously don t want Cinni to nip me later on when he s older, but at the same time, I like to play with
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 31, 2001
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      --- In AmericanFerretAssociation@y..., "Matt Wilson" <nemes@a...>
      > I'm really not understanding what is acceptable and what is not
      when it comes to nipping and playful biting. I obviously don't want
      Cinni to nip me later on when he's older, but at the same time, I
      like to play with him (including play wrestle). Is this play wrestle
      encouraging him to nip if I don't hiss at him every time he happens
      to place his teeth on my hand?

      > Will he grow out of it? He is only 6-8 weeks old and one of you
      did say that younger kits do like to play bite a lot. Should I
      ignore it until he's 2-3 months and then see where we stand? The
      more specific any of you guys can get with me the better. :-)

      > Regarding Cinni's "prolapsed rectum" :o), I think my problem with
      feeding him the watered down cat food that still caused his booty to
      get all sore, I think my problem was not using enough water. I
      watered down some IAMS kitten food pretty well today and so far he
      still has a nice behind. hehe When will I know that it's okay to
      stop watering it down for him, though?? I know dry food is better
      because it removes plaque. Just wait till all his teeth come in or

      Dear Matt and Baby Cinnamon,
      I am so glad your little one's bum is better! I think the combination
      of quality food and wetting it down will do the trick. I don't
      remember when I stopped wetting down my food for the babies. I know I
      gradually started decreasing the water and slowly started increasing
      the dry. I just kept a close eye on them to make sure they were
      eating well. According to one of my ferret books, "Biology and
      Diseases of the Ferret" by James G. Fox, it says, "The permanent
      teeth erupt between 50 and 74 days of age"

      As far as the nipping goes, it does decrease as they grow older. In a
      perfect world I would suggest not to let him nip at bare hands at
      all. That can be so hard to do. But it may be confusing if they learn
      biting is o.k at some times but not at others. Especially when they
      get so wound up, want attention or frustrated, those adult teeth can
      bite pretty hard! With my first 2 ferts I allowed biting when playing
      and one of my older ferts did have a rather severe chomping problem.
      I have the scars to prove it. Whether or not it was from letting her
      nip-play when she was little cuz it didn't hurt, or it was just her
      and her personality, I don't know for sure. Of course all ferrets are
      different in the way they learn and behave, and what works for one
      sometimes won't work for another. But it is so fun to play and
      wrestle with your little one and I'm sure they would agree. Nothing
      is funner than riling them up and getting them going! They need to
      play with us as much as we need to play with them. It's so difficult
      to hiss and correct them everytime they bite bare skin. But it might
      prevent problems further down the road. It was also difficult to have
      to scruff and give time outs to my older fert when she gave a
      especially hard nip,I had the feeling that she just didn't understand
      why Mommy was upset and making her stay alone in the spare cage when
      everyone else got to stay out and have fun!! That was a LONG 5-10
      minutes watching her be exiled in her cage for both of us. With my
      newer babies I tried to play with them with a pot holder and what's
      called a "kitten mitten" (bought it at Petsmart, it's a cloth mitten
      with really long fingers with pom-poms on the ends and bells inside)
      They love it and you can wrestle 'em, pin 'em down and slide 'em
      across the linolinum floor and they can't get enough of it! They seem
      to be learning when I have on the mitten they can attack it but not
      bare hands. They love to go under the blankies to play hide-n-seek
      and play-nip Mom through the blanket and now my older ones do that
      too, instead of nipping bare skin.

      In the long run you gotta do what works for you and your little
      fuzz-butt, advice is great but only YOU know what's right for you and
      your baby!!!! It is a constant learning process for both of you and
      all ferts can be different! Enjoy!
      Take care and have fun!!!
      Suzi and Cheechie, Chongie, Goose da'Moose, Mocha-Mookie &
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