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  • rainbowsally
    It says there in the corner that this is My Computer . I believe this is false advertising. And here s why. About Yahoo (and no doubt others). 1.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2009
      It says there in the corner that this is "My Computer".  I believe this is false advertising.  And here's why.

      About Yahoo (and no doubt others).

      1. "personalize your experience" = turn you into a statistic or worse; tracking and espionage. 

      I never thought I'd see the day we were even billeting "advertisers".

      2. "so that Yahoo!'s advertisers may receive auditing, research and reporting" = what? 

      What is a Yahoo advertiser?  What kind of auditing?    What kind of reporting??


      Windows users: click on [start] ->[run] and type in ["regedit"].  DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!  Just look at it. 

      Open the key named HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Search Assistant
      Look in the ACMru lists.  One is for files the other for text.

      It's possible some of the stuff you see isn't even stuff YOU searched for, so don't freak out if something strange comes up.  I found stuff that I sure can't remember ever having done a search for on a computer nobody else has access to, and other stuff that goes back years.

      What we want to know and have a right to know is why?  And why can't we turn it off?  And in some cases, who is putting that crap in there if we aren't.

      We want to know and have a right to know this too.  Why does Internet Explorer launch behind our backs every time we do a search on our own computer?  You can't even see this unless you block IE from the net in your firewall and then do a search.  The Windows help says you can change this behavior by selecting the "classic" behavior.  I don't think so.  I even changed the url with regedit to go to my own computer and do nothing.  No luck.  Windows still phones home.

      And by now I think we know what the NSA_KEY really was no matter how great the explanations were, eh? 

      If not find "AT&T NAURUS 6400" on the net or just ask someone why AT&T wasn't prosecuted for violating FISA (which was already borderline if not blatantly unconstitutional).

      Where are we now, kids?  This sure ain't the USA.

      Also do a text scan for "compulsory process" from there.  It's not far down. 

      And tell me this.  Can I compel the NSA (see "NAURUS 6400" ref above) to be a witness in my defense?  If not, can they possibly be constitutional?

      As the NSA is my witness.

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