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Our medical system is the leading cause of death in the US

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  • becca111@webtv.net
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    • rainbowsally
      Bec and ALL. Both of these leave HMOs out of the equation but I think the first article is more clear. ... New York, New York - New information has been
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        Bec and ALL.

        Both of these leave HMOs out of the equation but I think the first article is more clear.

        becca111@... wrote:

        New York, New York - New information has been presented showing the degree to which Americans have been subjected to injury and death by medical errors. The results of seven years of research reviewing thousands of studies conducted by the NIA now show that medical errors are the number one cause of death and injury in the United States.

        According to the NIA's report, over 784,000 people die annually due to medical mistakes. Comparatively, the 2001 annual death rate for heart disease was 699,697 and the annual death rate for cancer was 553,251.


        This second one is good but not as easy to read and by not being as clear, leaves one with the notion that that HMOs might be a solution rather than a contributor to the problem.

        To get a bit more of an idea where the author is coming from, I took a link to "A study of our decline" where I found a menu including "The end of Western Civilization".

        Hadrian's Wall in America
        The Americans have naturally tried to halt this invasion but their efforts are weak and ineffectual. The easiest way into America is by walking from Mexico, where a patrolled fence has been erected as a barrier (like Hadrian's wall). Those Mexicans who are detected crossing the barrier are merely returned to Mexico to try again. Those who cross undetected are still subject to discovery but this is an unlikely fate, and the penalty is just a return to Mexico to try again. And often the enforced return can be avoided by manipulation of the law.

        Mexico now colonising the USA
        Mexico is now (circa 2000) colonising America and imposing its language and culture. Though the Americans still have the strength of understanding to recognise that the Hispanic invasion should be stopped, they are unable to take the measures required to achieve this end. The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans. But the citizens of the USA recoil from such ruthless violence (see 'the communal attitude to violence') and instead embrace delusion. They pretend their futile defence is not folly, ignore the slow but inevitable takeover of their country and persecute anyone who tries to dispel their illusions. America has lost its ability to defend itself and must eventually be overrun by people from other cultures.

        Even if this were true, who gave these Mexican's Indians their language?  And how they have been treated for 500 years (only partially ended after Lincoln defeated the Confederates).  Partially ended.  Chiapas, where the Zapatistas rose up and were cut down never saw their constitutional land reforms.  Even now, if you dial in a Mexican news station all the announcers look European, not Indian.

        What I'm getting at is that maybe we should have kept our noses out of their elections or better yet, made sure they were fair.  Because the Mexicans would love nothing better than to solve their own problems.

        This graphic pretty much tells the whole story.

        But here's the whole story.

        So maybe the decline of Civilization is more like what Ghandi said when he was asked what he thought of Western Civilization.  He said he thought it would be a good idea.

        And the day we can no longer express ideas like these publicly is the day we no longer even have the hope of achieving that mark.

        (India had and has it's own problems.  They are not my problem.  America is.)

      • becca111@webtv.net
        RS.... I don t see what the HMO has to do with direct care....or errors committed by doctors or the staff of hospitals? Or, how Mexicans or Hispanic people
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          I don't see what the HMO has to do with direct care....or errors
          committed by doctors or the staff of hospitals? Or, how Mexicans or
          Hispanic people are responsible for those errors?

          Big Pharma and insurance companies do control things though..and, guess
          who they have in their back pockets. They're trying to make "natural"
          supplements unavailable so they can sell their expensive synthetic drugs
          without competition. And, of course, insurance companies do call the
          shots as to what procedures they will pay for....but, what does that
          have to do with all the errors?

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