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    November 01, 2006 Long Island Hauntings The Long Island Press had an awesome article reviewing all of Long Island s infamous hauntings. From the Amityville
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      November 01, 2006

      Long Island Hauntings

      The Long Island Press had an awesome article reviewing all of Long Island's infamous hauntings. From the Amityville Horror House, to the Fire Island Lighthouse, to Mary's Grave, to Mount Misery, to Pilgrim State Psychiatric Hospital and more. I got the chills just reading some of it myself.

      Pilgrim State^

      Anyway, the Long Island Press sent people to all these so-called haunted places - to be there at midnight on the night of Friday the 13th - and to write about their experiences. In case you missed the latest Long Island Press, here it is:

      Witching Hour
      Visiting L.I.�s Most Haunted Places at Midnight, friday the 13th

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      Back in the saddle again - officially

      Well, I finally know what my true schedule is going to be and it's actually pretty neat. I am going to be dispatching nights over in Massapequa Park, Long Island. It's a very nice area and the office is very nice. Even though my heart is in Lindenhurst, my home town, I have come to like it over in "The Park" as we call it.

      The office is very nice. It's a store-front office with a Chinese place and a night club right next door. The sidewalk is wide and it is clean and it has flower beds, trees, garbage cans, park benches. While the sidewalk in front of the Lindenhurst office has garbage, hypodermic needles, and pink-tail rats running by from the stream next door. Not to mention I had a gun put to my face back in 2002 while sitting there at the desk in the middle of the night.

      Anyway, my new schedule is the coolest thing. Me and the other night dispatcher will be sharing the night shift equally. We will each rotate - 4 nights on, 4 nights off. So if I start on Sunday night, that means I will work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night - then I will be off for 4 nights, and the next time I work will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

      Then off for 4 again - and then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. Then the next week it will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. (See the pattern?). It's actually very cool!

      Not only that, but during my 4 nights off, I can drive whenever I want, so it's not like I am stuck with only 3 1/2 shifts a week (which is what it averages out to).

      Another great thing about this schedule is I can work 6 nights in a row. I always wanted to work that extra night, but what stopped me was the fact that I would then only have one night off before going back to work to start the new week. With this set up, I can dispatch my 4 nights, drive 2 nights - and get my 6 shifts in - but then, still have TWO nights off! Perfect! I now have 8 days in my weeks while most of the world only gets seven! Hehehe!

      And when I drive, I don't have to pay the 'bottom line' either. Since I am part management, I get a break on the lease and I don't have to pay all the same fees as a regular driver pays, so I make a little more money that way, too. It's going to be a nice new set up for me. And I think I am going to like it!

      ^ View from the elevated railroad station at Massapequa Park.

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      Keep in mind, I do not work in the City

      You know, this truly pisses me off. I am in the taxi business, and when I read crap like this, I know it only makes me look bad. I will say this now, I am not in the NYC area at all. I am way out on the Island. The flat rate to NYC is $120.00 - so that should give you an idea of how far we are.

      Jeez, Philadelphia is almost as close to NYC as I am.

      I am going to tell you right now, our cars are the cleanest - our drivers all speak English and have names you can pronounce - and we all take showers on a regular basis and treat our customers with the respect they deserve. And we don't even have a TLC to look after us. We don't need a babysitter. The TLC obviously does not do their job anyway going by this article.

      (and notice, out of the 10 worst NYC cabbies, all of them have names I can not pronounce! - again, this may be politically incorrect, but it's the truth)

      October 29, 2006 -- Talk about hell on wheels.

      Chest-bumping, feces-smearing, spit-crazy cabbies and loony livery drivers have been raging on the road. Taxi and Limousine Commission records reveal that New York's cabbies have been out there punching passengers, cheating meters - even impersonating police officers.

      As New Yorkers brace themselves to be slammed with doubled fares for idling cabs, The Post has uncovered the 10 worst cabbies to have disgraced the city's streets.

      These hoodlums are listed on the dishonor roll of hacks who have had their licenses yanked by the TLC over the past two years.

      Gee, the TLC yanks their licenses, and then what? They renew them? What's the point?


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      Death on E. Saltaire Road in Lindenhurst

      One of the categories this post will be filed under is 'Criminals'. But it wasn't the 25 year old man, Jason Ginex, that did anything wrong. It was the 12 guys who stormed into the man's home. And what was it all about? A cellphone.

      A girl lost her cellphone the other day and probably acted like some sort of drama queen over it - and so - 12 guys decided to storm into the house to look for it. One ended up dead and another seriously injured, and I assume the rest of them were arrested for breaking and entering. So much for impressing the girl with the lost cellphone.

      Now don't get me wrong. A death is still a loss of human life, but what do you expect when you break into someone's house like that? Someone breaks into my house like that, they're getting shot between the eyes - I'm telling you that right now. Jason Ginex didn't use a gun, but he did use a machete. The one young man staggered out of the house holding his neck, then collapsed and died. Another man was seriously injured.

      This wasn't an 'attack' with a machete, but rather self defense with a machete. Now maybe the rest of these 'tough guys' from Centereach will think twice before busting into homes over a freaking cell phone.

      Jason wasn't charged in the death of Daniel Dykeman, but I will tell you now - if, down the road, he is - he has my support.

      Teen killed in cell phone dispute - that's the Newsday's headline. It should read "Young man killed when he broke into home"

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