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Re: AP Re: ~ "Choice on Earth" - Baby Killing Holiday Cards -

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  • Toddman
    Just legalize the RU-486 pill in the US....then it s solved! ... From: macs_bac@webtv.net Date: 12/01/04 01:49:33 To: American-politics@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
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       Just legalize the RU-486 pill in the  US....then it's solved!
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      Date: 12/01/04 01:49:33
      Subject: AP Re: ~ "Choice on Earth" - Baby Killing Holiday Cards -
      thank you beautifulsong for being willing to share personal experience
      with abortion. the pain, mental and health problems women suffer related
      to abortion can only be described by women that have gone through it and
      they should be heard.
      males that support abortion can only defend that position if they had
      girlfiends or wives that had abortions and they consider it no more
      serious than trip to dentist. tooth out, pain gone, get on with life.
      they are not men, just sorry excuses for sperum producers. tell those
      "studs" they could lose ability to have sex if gf has abortion, they
      might not be able to have  living breathing healthy baby when "they"
      decided time was right for "them". they might have second thoughts.
      breast cancer, depression for years, not able to function in life. that
      should be their curse if they support, encourage abortion.
      I don't know anyone that had abortion, my wife has been anti abortion
      and has kept me informed about all the problems. I saw the aborted
      babies, burned black in the womb, suctioniond out in peices. anyone that
      would support that is demon from hell imo.
      they more we learn about babies pain in  these killings, the more
      everyone should fight to stop this barbaric procedure. you can't claim
      ignorance now. you know what you are willing to learn. what "pro choice"
      people should know is available on internet. ignorance or pc is not
      99% of time, women have choice not to get pregnant. birth control is
      choice, killing babies should not be.
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