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  • ProudLiberal7@aol.com
    from Sid9 Saddam Hussein poses an imminent threat to the American people. Version 1.0 - Saddam Hussein is an imminent threat Version 1.01 - Saddam Hussein
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      from "Sid9"

      Saddam Hussein poses an 'imminent threat' to the American people.

      Version 1.0 - Saddam Hussein is an imminent threat
      Version 1.01 - Saddam Hussein is a gathering threat
      Version 1.02 - Saddam Hussein poses a real and dangerous threat
      Version 1.1 - The smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud
      Version 1.2 - We can't afford to wait
      Version 1.3 - We never said imminent
      Version 1.3.1 - OK, maybe we did say it once or twice
      Version 1.4 - We should have been more precise

      Saddam Hussein is ready to use weapons of mass destruction.

      Version 2.1 - Saddam has weapons of mass destruction
      Version 2.2 - Saddam has nuclear weapons
      Version 2.3 - Saddam has biological agents he's never accounted for
      Version 2.3.1 - The trailers are mobile labs for producing chemical
      Version 2.3.2 - Unmanned aircraft are ready to spread Saddam's
      biological weapons
      Version 2.4 - Saddam's going to make more of all these weapons
      Version 2.5 - We all know where the weapons are
      Version 2.5.1 - Well, Saddam has used weapons of mass destruction
      Version 2.5.2 - Iraq is a big country. We'll find the weapons
      Version 2.5.3 - Saddam had weapons of mass destruction programs
      Version 2.5.4 - Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction program
      related activities"
      Version 2.5.5 - David Kay? Who's David Kay?
      Version 2.6 - It's not about misleading the American people - Saddam
      Hussein is gone and that's the most important thing

      The intelligence is clear.

      Version 3.0 - We based our statements on our available intelligence
      Version 3.1 - Saddam tried to buy uranium ore in Niger
      Version 3.1.2 - Well, that was what the British told us
      Version 3.1.3 - Did we tell you about Joe Wilson's wife?
      Version 3.1.4 - Do you know a good lawyer?
      Version 3.2 - The intelligence is absolutely clear
      Version 3.2.1 - Intelligence is never 100 percent certain
      Version 3.2.2 - We didn't manipulate the intelligence
      Version 3.3 - There was no consensus within the intelligence community
      Version 3.3.1 - We saw the same intelligence the last Administration

      Saddam Hussein has deep ties to al Qaeda.

      Version 4.0 - Saddam has long-standing ties to al Qaeda
      Version 4.0.1 - You can't distinguish between Saddam and al Qaeda
      Version 4.0.2 - There is an al Qaeda terrorist network in Iraq
      Version 4.0.3 - Saddam has provided al Qaeda with chemical and
      biological weapons training.
      Version 4.0.4 - Saddam will give his weapons to al Qaeda
      Version 4.0.5 - Colin Powell: I have not seen smoking-gun, concrete
      evidence about the connection [between al Qaeda and Iraq]
      Version 4.0.6 - Vice President Cheney: I still believe there's a
      Version 4.0.7 - CIA Director George Tenet: I told Dick not to say

      The United Nations just can't handle this.

      Version 5.0 - The UN had 12 years to deal with this
      Version 5.1 - We don't trust the UN to handle this
      Version 5.1.1 - We don't need the UN's help
      Version 5.1.2 - The UN should play a vital, but not central role
      Version 5.1.3 - You there, UN, tell Ayatollah Sistani that elections
      aren't possible
      Version 5.1.4 - UN, please oversee the election process
      Version 5.1.5 - Pretty please? We'll pay our dues

      The war in Iraq won't hurt our efforts in Afghanistan or the hunt for
      Bin Laden.

      Version 6.0 - Iraq won't affect our hunt for bin Laden
      Version 6.1 - Assets have been moved from Afghanistan to Iraq
      Version 6.1.1 - Assets are being returned to Afghanistan
      Version 6.2 - We're mounting a spring offensive against bin Laden
      Version 6.2.1 - We'll catch bin Laden this year
      Version 6.2.2 - We hope to catch bin Laden this year
      Version 6.3 - Even if we catch bin Laden, the threat will still exist.

      Mission accomplished.

      Version 7.0 - We won't need hundreds of thousands of troops - that's
      wildly off the mark
      Version 7.1 - Mission accomplished
      Version 7.1.1 - We'll stay as long as needed and not one day more
      Version 7.1.2 - The troops will be home in six months
      Version 7.1.3 - The Iraqi Army will provide security
      Version 7.1.4 - Where's the Iraqi Army?
      Version 7.1.5 - We've disbanded the Iraqi Army
      Version 7.1.3 - The troops will stay a year and be replaced
      Version 7.2 - We're training the Iraqi army - Iraqification will work
      Version 7.2.1 - We don't need any more American troops
      Version 7.2.2 - Well, maybe we do
      Version 7.2.3 - We're keeping 30,000 more troops on active duty than
      were authorized
      Version 7.2.4 - We don't know if this increase in troops is a spike or
      a plateau
      Version 7.2.5 - We're establishing stop loss so troops can't leave
      Version 7.2.6 - The Army is planning multi-year rotations

      The cost to the American taxpayer.

      Version 8.0 - Economic advisor Larry Lindsey: The war will cost $200
      Version 8.0.1 - President Bush: You're fired!
      Version 8.1 - The war will pay for itself very quickly
      Version 8.1.1 - Iraqi oil revenue will pay for reconstruction
      Version 8.2 - Our allies will help us
      Version 8.3 - We'll pay for the war through supplementals
      Version 8.3.1 - Congress wouldn't let us put it in the budget
      Version 8.3.2 - Can we please have $87 billion?
      Version 8.3.3 - Well, we really can't calculate what it will cost.
      Version 8.3.4 - Well, maybe we can - $50 billion may be on the low
      Version 8.3.5 - Ask us after November 2.

      Democracy comes to Iraq.

      Version 9.0 - We will be greeted as liberators
      Version 9.0.1 - We'll establish democracy in Iraq
      Version 9.1 We'll turn this back to the Iraqis quickly
      Version 9.1.1 - President Chalabi will be welcomed with open arms
      Version 9.1.2 - Well, not so fast - we're prohibiting political
      Version 9.2 - We have the November 15 agreement - it's unchangeable
      Version 9.2.1 - We will appoint a small governing council
      Version 9.2.2 - Well, maybe a larger one
      Version 9.3 - We don't favor elections
      Version 9.3.1 - Caucuses work in Iowa, why not Iraq?
      Version 9.3.2 - OK fine, we'll have elections
      Version 9.4 - We can't return sovereignty until there is a
      Version 9.4.1 - Nevermind, we'll turn over sovereignty first
      Version 9.4.2 - We need to return this to the Iraqis - How about June
      Version 9.4.3 - We're still focused on elections - the ones on
      November 2

      The bottom line.

      Version 10.0 - Trust us. We know what we're doing
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