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Fair Blame

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    Is it Fair to Blame the Clinton Administration? Debi Brand     Is it fair to blame The Clinton administration for all the warnings they ignored during
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
      Is it Fair to Blame the Clinton Administration?
      Debi Brand
      Is it fair to blame The Clinton administration for all the warnings they
      ignored during their eight years in the white house concerning the need
      to take decisive action against Iraq for their complicities in terrorist
      strikes against us?
      When shortly after the first World Trade Center attack, when Clinton's
      adviser on Iraq for his 1992 campaign, Dr. Laurie Mylorie, brought a
      grave "What if"  to the administrations attention, can anyone truly
      fault them for not recognizing the danger and resolving to address it?

      Born of what Dr. Mylorie deemed signs negligent to ignore, her "what if"
      was in reference to the strong probability that there was Iraqi
      involvement in the first World Trade Center terrorist hit as well as in
      other strikes.
      After investigating, writing, and commenting on her concerns for a
      number of years, June of 2001 found her authoring in the Middle East
      Intelligence Bulletin, "Iraqi Complicity in the World Trade Center
      Bombing and Beyond. In this article, while she elucidates the
      indications that lead her to conclude thus, in one of the closing
      paragraphs she states, "It is highly probable that Iraqi intelligence is
      working with bin Ladin."
      Dr. Laurie's concerns of Iraqi involvement in the WTC bombing were first
      heightened in 1993 by reporting found in, New York Times, by Thomas
      Friedman suggesting as much. As her investigative efforts since then
      indicate, that report galvanized her into an in-depth painstaking
      combing-through of the case transcripts, documentation, and evidence,
      which included telephone records, passports, airline tickets and other
      raw data, once it became available to the public.

      In so doing, Iraq surfaced, too many times for her to turn a blind eye

      The bomb-builder of the WTC 1993 attack, "Ramsey Yousef, a.k.a. Abdul
      Basit Karim, entered our country traveling on an Iraqi passport. Was
      known amongst his New York fundamentalist friends as "Rashid, the
      Court documentation revealed over four thousand dollars worth of 
      phone calls placed from the bombers New Jersey apartment during the bomb
      planning time, the majority of the calls to one of the defendants PLO
      terrorist uncle living in Baghdad.
      Shortly after the 1993 WTC attack, Abdul Rahman Yasin-- co-builder of
      the WTC bomb-- led the FBI to the bombers vacated apartment. Then while
      they sought to attain a search warrant, Abdul fled the country. To
      Jordan, to the Iraqi Embassy, and later on home to Baghdad.

      Still, is it fair to fault the Clinton administration for refusing to
      confront these indications decisively? When one considers, the attack
      was, even back then, known to have failed to succeed in it's intended
      extent of destruction. Only six killed in that attack. Not the tens of
      thousands marked for destruction that day. Albeit, about 1000 were
      Although there was a letter that was found shortly after the bombing in
      which the attackers claimed they would strike the WTC again and the next
      time do so with improved accuracy; when Dr. Mylorie and others warned of
      "the train wreck to come" if  Saddam Hussein was behind the first
      attack and not found and held accountable for it,  can we truly blame
      the then in-office Democratic administration for not taking these
      warnings with a greater measure of gravity?
       Further information, one could reason, that would have been needed
      resoluteness to pursue such an investigation was that which proceeded
      the 1995 arrest of Ramsey Yousef, stating he was planning yet more
      attacks against us.
      Those plans—The Bojinka Plot--were found in "Yousef's'" Manila
      apartment-cum-bomb-brewing-laboratory, on his personal computer. The
      Bojinka Plot delineated plans to use airplanes as weapons. Bear in mind,
      the plotter of those plans, "Ramsey Yousef-- the holder of an Iraqi
      passport-- said to be the mastermind behind the 1993 WTC attack.

      Mull all the above with statements made in a February 2003 csmonitor.com
      article "Iraq to outsource counterattacks". This article states that
      many Iraq Embassies abroad were now again doing as they had done back
      during the first Gulf War: Organizing and aiding in "terrorist-type
      attacks on American and allied targets."
       The Manila embassy amongst them.
      The goal was to fulfill Saddam Hussein's threat "to bring the war to
      Americans where ever they lived."
      This CSM article reported one such  plot occurred in Manila in 1991.
      An Iraqi met an unfortunate end when he and his co-bombing Iraqi partner
      were attempting to plant a bomb at the Thomas Jefferson Cultural Center
      in Manila.
      According to Philippine government reports on the accident that the
      Monitor states they have seen, it was an Iraqi embassy car that dropped
      off the two intended-bombers at the TJCC.
      When not all went according to plan and the bomb blew prematurely,
      killing one of perpetrators, found in one of the pockets of the
      surviving would-be killers was the calling card of, Muwafak al-Ani, an
      Iraqi diplomat in Manila.
      When one does considering all these indications of Iraqi involvement
      with terrorist strikes against the US, one can understand the
      disinclination of the last-in-office- Democratic administration to heed
      the compelling from Dr. Mylorie and others to address the problem with
      forthright resolve.
      Now, in view of the tough-sledding decisive action against Iraq has
      proven to be—just as it was forecasted to.
      It promised to be tough.

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