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How to Save Medicare without Taxes or Robbing Widows & Orphans

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  • kurt31416
    It s extremely easy to solve, IF we had the courage to take on the special interests, many of which are foreigners. It s just easier to steal from the widows
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2012
      It's extremely easy to solve, IF we had the courage to take on the special
      interests, many of which are foreigners. It's just easier to steal from the
      widows and orphans.

      They are defenseless.

      1. End the 1947 special permission for insurance companies to fix prices - The
      criminals, many of whom are foreigners, got their lobbyists to bribe our
      politicians to let them end all free enterprise in the insurance business. They
      can get together and all agree on the price. No other company in America can do
      that. Yes Virginia, competition produces a better and cheaper product. That will
      radically cut the cost of insurance.

      2. Send all poor smart kids to medical school for free - I can remember when
      doctors did house calls. If you were sick, it was unresonable to expect you to
      sit in an office waiting. We want to help the poor? Kids that are born poor, no
      fault of their own? No welfare queens involved? Send them to medical school for
      free. When they are no longer gold plated Pagan gods, and start doing house
      calls again, we've got the supply and demand restored. A benefit is that since
      the doctor cartel has limited the number graduated so severely, that most
      doctors are from poor countries that immigrate here. They will all go home and
      help the poor in their countries they abandoned. A big boost in our foreign aid
      as a bonus.

      3. Negotiate a quantity deal on drugs with the Drug Cartel - A person can walk
      into a drug store in Canada and spend $10 on drugs and get it cheaper than the
      US that spends $1,000,000,000,000 on drugs. The foreign criminals bribed our
      politicians to pass a law that we can not negotiate with them on cost, and just
      pay retail. The Drug Cartel even has the nerve to say everyone else gets it
      cheaper, because it's just the incremental cost everyone else is being charged,
      someone has to pay for the research/setup. Any self made businessman, even a hot
      dog vendor, if given the ability to walk away, spending a Trillion dollars,
      could cut the cost in half or more. Here's our negotiating position. We're
      tapped out guys, we simply can't stuff any more money down your greedy foreign
      throat. If you want access to the US market, you will sell all Medicare drugs at
      incremental cost, have a nice day.

      4. Quit the Medical Cartel brainwashing that the best thing to do in life is
      constantly visit your doctor, and inhale a zoo of drugs. Most medicine is
      placebo effect, a suger pill would work as good. The most common knee surgery in
      America is 100% placebo effect. If you pretend you did the operation they
      recover exactly the same. But they keep doing the operation, because it works,
      knowing full well it's 1oo% placebo effect. Insane money saved on that
      alone...Study Suggests Common Knee Surgery's Effect Is Purely Placebo ...

      We could turn enough of a profit on Medicare that we could balance the budget
      without raising taxes.
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