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  • boskaar
    14! You re right. I joined the Marines instead, as they don t have f*ggots everywhere. DD
    Message 1 of 28 , Oct 1, 2009

      You're right. I joined the Marines instead, as they don't have f*ggots everywhere.


      --- In American-politics@yahoogroups.com, "smcbr1de2" <smcbr1de2@...> wrote:
      > Avast ye lubber, I seen squiffy sprogs wot got more fightin ability than the likes of ye! Ye be a lily-livered lass loaded to the gunwales compared to a swashbuckin jack of the sweet trade such as meself! By the Powers, I be placin the black spot on ye wee scurvy dog of a scallywag, I be consignin ye to davy jones by way of a short walk off a great grand plank over a shark tank. AAARG! Ye be no sailin man!
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