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120312Fw: [Second Amendment] Fwd: Let Teachers Bear Arms (Paul Jacob)

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  • Carl
    Dec 22, 2012
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      Pure common sense. 

      Begin forwarded message:

      Let Teachers Bear Arms

      We have no sure way to prevent such horrors as the recent shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. We can't predict which very few of the very many persons with grievances will choose to vent their rage by loosing a hail of bullets at innocents. And schools would be unable to function if they were so locked down as to eliminate the possibility of a gunman walking through the door.
      We can, however, take measures to reduce the likelihood and severity of such an attack. We can also prepare to defend ourselves if the worst happens. When someone is shooting at you and the students in your care, the best chance of stopping the shooter within seconds -- when the police are minutes away, at best -- is to shoot back. The more persons able to shoot back, the better.
      It makes sense for appropriately trained teachers and other school personnel to be armed and ready to confront an assailant. This isn't just a theoretical proposal. In 2008, the Harrold school district in Northwest Texas introduced a "guardian plan" under which some teachers and other staffers carry concealed handguns. A few other school districts have followed suit. But the practice is far from common in Texas or in the nation at large.
      Says Harrold's superintendent, "Nothing is 100 percent. But what we do know is that we've done all we can to protect our children."
      The Harrold district's provisions for self-defense are controversial. They shouldn't be.