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      .stealth{color: #ff0000;text-decoration: none;} .deck{font-family: verdana;font-size: 12px;color: #000000;text-align: justify} .stealth1{color: #000000;text-decoration: none;}ENN Environmental News Network http://www.enn.com E-mail Edition Wind energy investment options are starting to fly
      As the fastest-growing energy source in the world, abundant, safe, reliable and renewable wind power seems like a very promising investment opportunity. But no U.S.-based wind power companies are publicly traded.

      Diesel soot is big factor in global warming
      Soot mostly from diesel engines is blocking snow and ice from reflecting sunlight, which is contributing to "near worldwide melting of ice" and as much as a quarter of all observed global warming, top NASA scientists say.

      U.S. government considers new fuel economy standards for SUVs
      The Bush administration is looking at making larger SUVs, such as the Hummer H2, Ford Excursion and GMC Suburban, and large pickup trucks comply with federal fuel economy standards for the first time.

      Germans turn waste to energy
      Germany has only a small amount of its own natural oil reserves, but an enterprising power plant chief believes it has found an alternative source of energy with a bright future in an aging nation: used incontinence pads.

      World Bank tells Thailand to clean up
      Thailand can save millions of dollars in collection and disposal costs if it produces less garbage, but the country's booming economy is likely to result in more trash, according to a World Bank report released Monday.

      Creating new wetlands not so easy to do
      But critics say that while it's not that hard to create a wet patch of ground, duplicating the biological richness and productivity of a natural wetland is difficult. And often, the manmade wetlands are far from the natural sites they were designed to replace.

      Fishing for a low-mercury dinner
      Fish are heart-healthy, and most people should eat more. But fish also can contain mercury, and too much mercury can harm brain cells, especially in the very young.

      Philippine mudslide death toll rises, hope fades
      Heavy rain threatened to trigger more mudslides and floods in the central Philippines on Monday, compounding a disaster that has buried villages and killed scores of people in an area stripped of trees by illegal logging.

      Earthquake rocks California coast
      A powerful earthquake struck central California Monday, crushing two women to death in a cascade of rubble and causing high-rise buildings from San Francisco to Los Angeles to sway ominously.

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      The Trust for Public Land:
      LA's Ballona Wetlands Now Protected (CA)

      The Trust for Public Land:
      Historic Waterford, VA, Farm Protected

      IUCN - The World Conservation Union:
      Wildlife Brings �4.8 Billion to the UK Economy - Study

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