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Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Bribes or Rewards?

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  • Richards
    ... OK... let s not call it a bribe ... Instead, we can euphemistic dub it a motivator or incentive as you suggest ... But, a rose by any other name is
    Message 1 of 16 , May 3, 2012
      On 5/3/2012 2:32 AM, Ed Greany wrote:

      > I don't consider it a bribe. .... It is merely an incentive.

      OK... let's not call it a "bribe"...

      Instead, we can euphemistic dub it a "motivator"
      or "incentive" as you suggest ... But, a rose by any
      other name is till a rose. And it seems you persist
      in claiming you must offer such an incentive in order
      to muster sufficient troops to complete the task.

      Sure... let's call it an "incentive" - but it does not
      change the substance of your position - you say you
      gotta pay 'em to get 'em to participate.

      I see this as a distinction without a difference.

      > Of course we have other activities too to attract members to attend our
      > meetings.
      > Meanwhile, I've tossed out my 2-cents so what is your answer to get
      > members to your meeting. Oh, and Richards, it's a chance of winning $20
      > if you attend.

      Well... the prospect of winning $20 does not make it
      for me. When working, I earned that in about 6 minutes,
      so you gotta do better than that ! ;-)

      But I might come if the meeting was INTERESTING, and
      if you offered an interesting program and it appeared
      worth my time to attend. The prospect of ... maybe...
      possibly... winning the 50/50 drawing does not work
      for me. Besides, the better the incentive works, the
      worse the odds of winning becomes. ;-)

      I am likely more cynical than most. I don't think
      you can effectively retain members in any organization
      unless they are (or become) personally invested in
      ITS MISSION. By this I mean members my be personally
      interested in the organization's objective - which
      gives meaning and purpose to its activities. If members
      are not personally invested in the mission, its programs,
      its activities... they will quit. If they are not truly
      interested in its MISSION and PURPOSE, then the
      organization will wither and die. And it SHOULD...
      why would anyone maintain a club and pursue a cause
      nobody else cared about?

      Of course, I am NOT saying anything about YOUR club
      in particular... I am speaking about clubs in general.
      If members are not excited about what is going on,
      then we would expect them to quit.

      I think you are putting too much stock in your incentive
      program. I doubt the prospect of winning a tank of gas
      is sufficient motivation to keep members involved for
      any appreciable time. If I am mistaken about this, you
      must, ipso facto, admit your programs and activities fail
      to generate sufficient interest to carry the day on their
      own, and concede they only come for the prospect of
      winning the prize.

      Consequently, I would minimize the incentive program,
      in favor of improving program quality, scheduling more
      interesting and appealing activities, and better promotion
      of the mission. I would be embarrassed to say members
      of my club remain active, not because they are invested
      in its mission and purpose, but for the prospect of winning
      a bit of cash.

      I think you're selling your club short and suspect your
      programs and activities are more interesting and appealing
      than you let on. I suspect your members are more
      invested in its mission and purpose then you let on.

      If not... and you are really claiming you retain members
      or they are motivated to participate, solely because of
      a cash incentive... then you should fold your tent and
      go home. If they are really doing it for the money...
      well... you get the point.

      What would I do... I would be following Tom B's advice
      and getting to know my audience better.

      Just MY take. Your mileage may vary.

      Hey... this is a GOOD discussion in any case ! This really hits the
      heart of the matter - just how DO we motivate the troops to serve ?

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