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224Michigan Section Call to Action - US House Bill - HR4969

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  • wb8r
    Jul 31, 2014

      July 31, 2014


      Greetings to the hams of Michigan:


      This is a special communication which is a "Call to Action" asking you to take certain steps on behalf of amateur radio. Typically, such communications have to do with topics that are important to the hams of Michigan and the nation. They may have to do with operating events or legislative issues. This is one of the legislative issues, but on a federal level.


      On June 25, 2014, House Bill 4969 was introduced in the House of Representatives that calls on the FCC to amend section 97.15(b) of title 47, Code of Federal Regulations so that such section prohibits application to amateur service communications of any private land use restriction, including a restrictive covenant, that - 


      (1) precludes such communications;

      (2) fails to reasonably accommodate such communications; or

      (3) does not constitute the minimum practicable restriction on such communications to accomplish the legitimate purpose of the private entity seeking to enforce such restriction.


      This is big, folks. Ok, now that I have your attention, here is what we need to do:


      Now is the time for the hams of Michigan to begin a letter writing campaign. We have done this before on a state level for PRB-1, so this is not anything new, but it is just a bit different.


      Everything we need is contained on the ARRL website: http://www.arrl.org/hr-4969.


      On the website there is:


      * All the information about the bill.

      * A copy of the bill

      * A sample letter in Word format, but easily handled by a number of free programs. The letter can be found in the tab entitled: How can I help to get HR 4969 passed? You will want to click on the last word of this sentence to open the link to the letter: "A sample letter can be found HERE"

      * A spot to locate the name of your Representative (once you are logged into the ARRL main site, one click gives you the correct Rep based upon your address as listed on the ARRL membership database).

      * Directions on how to send your letter (preferred route is to send a signed copy by email to HQ for hand delivery)

      * Key talking points for discussing HB 4969 with friends or your representative.


      In addition to writing your own letter, please talk to your ham friends and get them to do the same. Once you have done yours, you can be the "Elmer" for your club. Bring this up at your next club meeting and talk about it whenever and wherever hams gather. Ham breakfasts, lunch or dinners, on various nets and bring it up on the air in conversation. Get the information to your newsletter editor. This is a huge opportunity for amateur radio and we want to "get out the vote."


      On the ARRL website, please note that you are asked to personalize the sample letter, sign it and email to ARRL HQ to the indicated address. In addition, please send a copy to me at wb8r@.... This will tell me how many letters have been sent so I will know how well we are doing.


      Thank you in advance for your efforts and if you have any questions, you can feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you.




      Larry, WB8R

      Michigan ARRL Section Manager