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217Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Broing meetings = smaller clubs

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  • K8TB
    Feb 25, 2014

      as of last night, I would like to add to that.

      On the second meeting of the month, the 4th Monday in our case, the Holland ARC holds a E.A.T. meeting, for Education And Training. It has no business meeting, and the meeting emphasis is on education and training. We have the projector and screen, and a Dell Laptop that stays at the Red Cross. Last night we added a '"presentation camera". There are many out there, but we tried a Ipevo Model CDVU-04IP. This worked very well, as we had a "Bring and Brag", where people showed the various projects they have built. One ham built, using an Arduino controller, a rotor rs-232 controller. We were able to show this little box  "up close and personal" on the big screen. It can zoom right into the inside, and then back off to show the LCD screen very nicely. It added more than we thought it would.

      For $ 100, I can highly recommend this.

      Tom K8TB

      On 2/24/2014 10:59 PM, n1bn@... wrote:
      I always hope that our monthly meetings include "eye candy" of some sort.  May include...

      Projected graphics on screen for the featured speaker - ALWAYS
      Displays of hardware when possible
      Items to pass around the room
      Giveaway items

      We have a digital projector at each meeting for the featured speaker.  I believe that speakers without projected graphics can be BORING if their content is weak.  And boring meetings lead to smaller membership trends.  Buy a projector for your club only $400 to $500 when on sale.

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