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212Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Another article on Eham about clubs...

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  • Richards
    Feb 20, 2014
      That is a very potent list, Bruce. All points apply to both ham radio
      clubs and charitable organizations that function as clubs, alike.

      Norman raises solid and important additional points in his reply. YES,
      it is likely there is not enough time to socialize - which is as
      detrimental as having too much socializing and not enough meat to the
      meeting. It is the right balance that is so difficult to find, and, of
      course, pleasing everyone will be impossible - having more socializing
      will cheese off some members, and having more business meat on the plat
      will cheese off others, so it is always a difficult choice as one design
      must satisfy all.

      If Norman's club has splinter groups meeting for dinner before the
      official meeting... perhaps combining a dinner with the meeting will fit
      the bill. Rather than splintering the group, it would mean everyone
      would meet at one place, and then the meeting could follow - and the
      timing of each would be determined on a club-by-club basis depending on
      club character - some would want more or less time to each side of the
      meeting. Of course, then you will have some guys who don't wanna do
      dinner at all, so the question arises will they come to the business
      part of the meeting or drop it... so hard to please everyone with just
      one plan.

      Further Norman's question... why not have multiple field day exercises?
      You can specify any purpose or design you like. Maybe you could work
      a contest, maybe setting up a temporary multi-multi station field day
      style someplace, or doing a special event that way. I have
      participated in special event stations that run for two days on a
      weekend at some remote location (like for Museum Ship Weekend) and you
      get four or five guys on the rig, with at least that many in the wings,
      and rotate on and off the rig, with lots of pot luck BYO goodies to eat
      (they really like my Italian dishes, and my wife makes awesome
      chocolate chip-pecan-toffee-secret ingredient cookies that are usually
      gone in an hour) and other guys bring stuff, and we eat, talk on the
      radio, talk among ourselves, and have a good time. You could make the
      event a single day or just an afternoon. I doubt the reason for it
      would be important, as long as you sell it as a good time. Once it
      works right, it will sell itself thereafter. You could stay in town or
      go someplace special depending on your members' predilections for travel.

      Consider tower or antenna raising projects. Local guys here started
      "QRP In the Park" nights, where they set up four or five stations and
      work QRP for a few hours. They invite the whole ham community and I
      suspect there may be as much socializing and talk off the air as there
      is on.

      Maybe it could blossom into a club-to-club project that many clubs
      participate in. Guys would work a contest and challenge another club
      Mano e Mano - defining the same number of rigs so it could be an even
      playing field, and it could lead to inter-club activity as the winner
      would host the loser for a cheap dinner meeting some place... or it
      could work the other way around... does not matter if guys have fun and
      mix it up.

      You could even do a local service project - outside of radio, proper -
      like building a wheelchair ramp for some old guy, or pitching in on a
      local repair project (builders in my town do this a couple weekends a
      year, usually early Spring and late Summer, and you could pitch in and
      help) but it would be something useful, fun, and it feels good. Have
      dinner or lunch afterward as reward and for socializing. It works for
      clubs I am in.

      Mixing some socializing time with the project is the key to a good time.

      Happy days.
      -------------------------- K8JHR ----------------------

      On 2/20/2014 12:18 PM, Bruce Nolte wrote:

      > Additional thoughts...
      > * If done right - running a radio club is hard work
      > * Most club activities are managed by the same 10 to 15% of the membership
      > * Most new Hams in a club do not go to Board Meetings
      > * "club vs club politics" I suspect are not in any club's By-laws
      > * Club officers should not foster displays of club ego vs ego
      > * Actual humans join - and run clubs - and do stupid things once in a while
      > * Clubs should do their best to make their club interesting, fun and relevant
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