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  • Norman Schklar
    Feb 20, 2014
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      I think the original poster is very much like many we see in our clubs.  It's hard to bring in new folks and mix them with old timers.
      We can get about 70 to many of our club meetings.  Of course the subject of the program often makes a difference.  
      We try to have enough different activities during the year that maybe something will grab someone's interest.  Two nets a week.  One an announcement type net and a second a learning/training/sharing net (Know it All Net).  Local ARES is a separate organization with their own meetings, but the membership is probably 70% the same.
      I've seen many over the years that we just can't get interested in what we're doing.  Reading some of the posts in the thread mentioned here, it makes me realize that we don't allow enough time for socializing at our meetings.  We get there, do introductions, do committee reports, take a break, them start a program that's about 45 minutes.  Then it's time to go.  So the 15 minute break turns out to be too short for much socializing with the number of folks at the meeting.  The break is a combination of Elmer questions, saying hello to new faces, getting some coffee or drink and a potty break.

      If you don't allocate program time, you can't get descent programs.  If you don't have good programs, you can't draw an audience.  If you take too much time with the program you don't have time to get to know one another.
      Many of the folks do meet before meetings at a restaurant or two, and that means that their meeting started an hour and a half before the actual meeting and by the end of the program they're ready to leave.

      We don't have much business.  That is handled by our executive committee, at a monthly exec meeting, and only announcements and items that require a club vote are discussed before the membership.  We do a couple committee reports.  But the business portion is generally very short.

      So as I write these notes, I am wondering just how do we get more face to face time with members?  Either old or new members.  Best (not practical) answer, have field day 4 times a year!  It seems to get folks talking.

      Do other clubs have a better method of welcoming and making part of the club new members?  Do you have new members?  Is member retention an issue.  

      Thanks for reading this!

      Norm, WA4ZXV
      Norcross, GA


      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:31 AM, Richards <jrichards@...> wrote:

      Too bad, but that sort of thing happens all over. The club president
      in the next town over repeatedly calls me a "smart ass" and other rude
      names. Any wonder why I don't join his club?

      --------------- K8JHR -------------------------------

      On 2/19/2014 3:13 PM, K8TB wrote:
      > One persons point of view. Some of the responses are to be expected, yet
      > some of them are rather interesting:
      > http://www.eham.net/articles/31525

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