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207Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Re%3A%20Creating%20Strong%20Clubs

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  • Richards
    Feb 2, 2014

      Without contradicting what Ray said... sometimes those
      same old guys get all proprietary and discourage new
      members because they consider it to be "their club" and
      they reject or resent change. They don't want
      "dem new guys to ruin it ..." or to "take over."

      It is very hard to avert this sort of inertia.

      ----------------------- JHR ------------------------------------

      On 2/2/2014 8:05 AM, Raymond Woodward K3VSA wrote:

      > What's really sad is that there are often established members who are
      > really not interested in developing new members. They don't want to
      > take the time or make the effort, and they don't want to get to know new
      > people because "the club is big enough already."

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