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205Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Creating Strong Clubs

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  • Richards
    Feb 1, 2014
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      1. Establish Contact --

      Consider everyone a potential member. Don't assume that he will not be
      interested. You may be surprised. Call or visit potential new
      members and explain you represent the club and that it is looking for
      members to expand and promote its work in making friends and providing
      service to the community. Indicate the Club invites him to the next
      meeting or project and ask him to consider becoming a member. Ask if
      you can send follow-up information about the Club and follow up with a
      thank you letter or some other follow up contact with information about
      the Club.

      2. Make an Invitation --

      Invite him to attend a meeting. He won't come if you don't invite him.
      Sometimes that is all it takes to get him involved. Offer to pick
      him up and that you will drive you both to the meeting. Tell him you
      will introduce him to the rest of the guys. Set him at ease so it will
      be easy and comfortable for him to go along and meet the other members.

      3. Demonstrate Your Loyalty --

      Wear your membership pin or other indicate of membership. People will
      ask about it, which gives
      you the opportunity to talk about the Club. Car window clings, T-shirts
      featuring Club events, etc., will also generate questions. One guy in
      our regular Friday Lunch Bunch group wears an official ARRL Name Badge
      on his shirt to each luncheon meeting. If you don't learn his name and
      call sign, it is your fault! It is a nice touch and makes others feel
      like he wants to be remembered by them, and that makes them feel
      important in return.

      4. Make An Invitation --

      This bears repeating. Many operators are just waiting to be invited
      before attending your Club meetings. Some operators do not feel
      comfortable just showing up and diving in, so invite them and make them
      feel wanted from the outset. During the Meeting, you need to promote
      new members, and make guests feel important and welcome. Recognize
      guests at the beginning of the meeting. You will also thank them at the
      end of the meeting. The meeting should help sell the organization to
      both new and old members, so make sure there is some sort of promotional
      bit every time.

      5. Generate Awareness --

      Mention, describe, and promote Club activities in your conversations
      with potential new members. Display national brochures, copies of your
      newsletter, Club activity brochures, banners, etc. at every meeting,
      and at your place of business and at other meetings you might attend.
      Promotion is an ongoing activity that needs to be nurtured continually.

      6. Arouse Interest --

      Always, always assign a couple of outgoing members to serve as meeting
      greeters. This makes your own members feel welcome and it certainly
      makes guests feel welcome. Use guest name badges and registration
      forms. This helps other members remember guest names plus the
      registration form gives you the information you need to follow up.
      Name badges for members and guests signals the fact they are
      individually important and that others want to learn and know their
      names and call sings.

      7 Promote Upcoming Events --

      Plug the Club at all times and opportunities. Do this during meetings,
      as well as at other times, when you can promote the Club and its
      activities. Calendar and provide advance notice of all upcoming events
      at every chance. A white board is a good way to do list meeting dates
      and speakers, social activities, projects, items such as the national
      and regional conventions and hamfests. The idea is to look like you
      have something going on.


      At the end of the meeting recognize any new members in attendance as
      well as thank each guest for attending. Call them by name. At your
      first opportunity ask, "What would it take to get you to become a member
      of our Club?" Some people are uncomfortable with doing this. If you
      are, find someone else to take that role.

      9. Follow Up --

      After the meeting, the chapter president or secretary should send a
      letter thanking the guest for coming. Use this opportunity to mention
      reasons he should become a member of the Club.

      Also, you can send your newsletter to guests and it is a good touch to
      mention them in the newsletter as being an honored guest at a club
      meeting... that makes them feel important and like you care if they join
      or return. Their names should be mentioned prominently in the
      newsletter, so they are sure to see it. Send follow-up information
      such as Club calendars, local and national information, invitations to
      special events, etc. All correspondence should should "plant the seed"
      about becoming a member.

      Anyone who brings a guest should write a short, handwritten note
      thanking that guest for attending and inviting the guest to come back
      for the next meeting. Some Clubs have simple forms or printed post
      cards to accomplish this. While a fresh letter is best, a fill-in post
      card is better than nothing.

      10. CLOSE THE DEAL --

      Every salesman knows he has just one job to perform - i.e., close the
      deal. You MUST MOVE TO CLOSE THE DEAL, or the prospective member will
      drift away and lose interest. You must ask for a commitment. That
      makes him obligated to follow through or quit.

      Make sure all new members are assigned someone to follow up with him,
      and always, always assign him to an active committee so he has a duty, a
      function, and is part of something going on - that will invest him in
      the Club and make him feel important and useful. Many new members lose
      interest because they don't fit in, and lack a meaningful place in the
      Club. By making sure he is placed on an active committee, he will be
      integrated into the Club's activities, and he will feel like he is a
      part of a going concern, stimulating his interest and sense of duty and

      And you can always do more... this is just a beginning outline.

      // K8JHR //
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