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201Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Ideas for Club Programs..

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  • Bruce Nolte
    Jan 7, 2014
      By the way the Pasadena Radio Club owns it's own digital projector.  Bought cheap at the local TRW ham swap about 7 years ago - still working fine.  It only has VGA (15 pin) and composite inputs but gets the job done.  It comes to every meeting - even if the speaker is bringing their own.

      I believe having a club owned projector is KEY these days.  New at office supply type store or Fry's Electronics for $400 to $500 when on "sale".

      Meetings without "eye candy" or graphics or displays are deadly boring - and could spell the end of a club - if it becomes a trend.

      And I like to run various Field Day video, mine, or off of Youtube for about 20 minutes projected on the screen as people come into the meeting room - just to have more "eye candy" going as the crowd forms.  Kind of fun. And a test for the projector.

      Bruce N1BN
      Pasadena Radio Club - W6KA

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      On Jan 7, 2014, at 7:40 AM, Bruce Nolte <n1bn@...> wrote:


      Here are some topics we have used at the Pasadena Radio Radio Club (W6KA) over the years.
      * DIY Project Show and Tell
      * Ham Radio Apps and Websites
      * Antenna Show and Tell (bring in smaller antenna to meeting)
      * Parking Lot Swap Meet Night + Show and Tell
      * "Go Kits" Show and Tell
      * Field Day Movie Night
      * Ham Radio Youtube Night (a backup idea never used yet)
      * Dxpeditions (local hams with good Powerpoint type shows)
      * Tower installs (local pro)
      * Repeaters
      * Latest gear (local HRO rep)
      * Digital modes demos
      * Satellite demos

      Bruce N1BN

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      On Jan 6, 2014, at 6:37 PM, K8TB <k8tb@...> wrote:


      So everyone else in the room stepped back in unison. I had no idea what
      was going on. But I am now the president of the Holland ARC (Holland,

      One item that I am very concerned about is to have a solid program for
      each meeting. I have a few lined up, but I am looking for more ideas.

      What else have others clubs put forth for programs? I am also looking at
      having a set of videos as a backup if we can't get a live body, or they
      had to cancel. i have quite a few Dxpedition videos, and Youtube has a
      bunch, but are there any other videos out there worth showing to the club?

      Tom Bosscher K8TB, in West Michigan were it is 30 degrees colder than
      Alaska right now.

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