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198RE: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Ideas for Club Programs..

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  • Richard MI Ranta
    Jan 7, 2014


      HARC is in very capable hands! I wish you well and if you ever need anything, please feel free to ask. I put this out knowing that there are times when your pounding your head against the wall wondering what to do.

      I wore the hat of president for a few years and the most important thing I learned, from the hard way, I will add, is that folks primary come to club meetings to chat with their friends. Watch what happens when they gather together: they’re talking to each other. This is just one thing I learned, but I think a good thing. Give them time to visit.

      You might try explaining to members how a cell system works. It is fascinating and not very people realize how the system works.

      Just an suggestion.

      Happy New Years to you and your XYL and the HARC




      “Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away.”
      --Arthur Helps


            Rich k8jx &  Scooter the cat

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