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189Here is how it is done...

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  • Richards
    May 12, 2013
      Here is the way it is done. Tom and the kids in the radio club
      schedule a program, and notify the mailing list about it. No
      professional graphics, no professional writers, no fancy newsletter or
      web page... just a quick notice that SOMETHING WORTHWHILE IS GOING ON,
      WHERE... WHEN... ETC.

      This is how it is done. No outside professional staff ghost writing
      your poop - just the facts ma'am.

      Way to go Tom. A healthy, vibrant club does not need a fancy
      newsletter... it needs ACTIVITY and INVOLVEMENT. Any short notice will
      do. (Although I happen to know that ol' Tom is pretty glib and plenty
      literate... but you don't need fancy schmancy newsletters if you have

      Just MY take...

      [PS - the names have been changed to protect the innocent.]

      ------------------------ K8JHR ------------------------


      Tomorrow night at the XXX meeting, May 13, 2013,
      we will have as a guest speaker, Al YYY, who is a
      avionics engineer at General Electric. Al will be
      delivering his talk on his drone and the Arduino flight

      This presentation will be directly after the XXX main
      business meeting around 7:50 PM and will showcase the
      electronics in use on his aircraft.