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179Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] Legal framework of a UK Amateur Radio Society

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  • Dan Romanchik KB6NU
    Mar 23, 2013
      I would venture to guess that most amateur radio club constitutions or by-laws (at least here in the U.S.) don't address the issues you bring up. Most of the ones I've seen are just not that detailed. I know that the sample constitution that the ARRL publishes (http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Clubs/Club%20Constitution.pdf) don't address them.

      What might serve as some guidance are the constitutions/charters of some of the new "hacker" groups. Many of these were formed to share the use of tools such as lathes and CNC machines. I'll check with our local hacker group and see how they address these issues.


      Dan KB6NU
      CW Geek, Ham Radio Instructor
      Station Manager, WA2HOM at the Hands-On Museum (www.wa2hom.org)
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      On Mar 23, 2013, at Mar 23,7:25 AM, Ron Young wrote:
      > in the context of UK clubs / Societys what is the legal framework.
      > 1) Members rights to club equipment
      > 2) Committee's responsibility to members
      > 3) Club records, Inventry checks, Register of Equipment Purchased, Donated and disposals.
      > What legal status has the Society Constitution
      > Does the Constitution Have precedence in any legal issues
      > We have heard that even National Societys have sometimes got
      > it wrong but where is our guidance.
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