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147Re: How to get Ham's interested in serving on the clubs board.

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  • AndrewR
    Nov 20, 2012
      I'm changing the subject a little here...

      "Changing the publishing medium to Facebook,
      or Twitter, or push delivery to one's cell phone will
      have no positive impact unless there is actually
      some NEWS in it."

      This quote is important, not just because of the fact that nobody is going to read a newsletter without news, but also about the delivery medium.

      I'm the web/facebook/twitter "guru" for my club. Out of 141 "likes" on Facebook, over 95% of them are people that are not in the club, and only 3 or 4 are active (as in, they go to most meetings!). In fact, many of those "likes" are from people that are out of the area and some are in other countries! Twitter is far worse, where we only have two clubmembers following the club on twitter (and that counts both myself and the other clubmember that created it!). Google Plus is the most dismal. I think the club has one user that has "circled" the club (out of 4 or 5 that I know of on Google Plus).

      I would advise caution in moving mediums unless it is from printed to PDF or email. It is pretty easy to make the case to save money on printing and mailing by using email, but over and above that, you may not be effective in getting to your club members.

      We've found that in our club, the best method of delivering newsletters and other club information is via email. For things that need a reply, many many emails!

      On the other hand with the social networks is that the younger crowd uses them - among Twitter and Facebook, ALL of our "under forty crowd" (there's 5 of us) are available via Twitter or Facebook. I'd recommend clubs having a Facebook presence (making sure you use it!), but I would never recommend using that as a newsletter delivery medium over email.

      Andrew KE8P • www.ke8p.us
      (co-webmaster of www.w8mrc.com, Facebook.com/MilfordARC, and @MilfordARC)

      PS: the issue of the meeting being "a business meeting where the officers have nothing to report and then a social at an ice cream parlor" is a damn good topic to kick around on this group. We've made changes to our meetings (to get the business stuff to the end of the meeting so people stay through announcements and presentations). The ice cream social idea is a good idea. I wonder if others have some good ideas.
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