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142Re: [AmateurRadioLeadership] RE: How to get Ham's interested in serving on the clubs board.

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  • Bruce Nolte
    Nov 17, 2012
      In our club the Bylaws forbid a person repeating an electing position in two consecutive years.  And we invite interested members to try out elected board positions by starting as a Member-at-Large.

      Bruce N1BN
      Pasadena Radio Club

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      On Nov 17, 2012, at 1:33 PM, Richards <jruing@...> wrote:


      This is a common problem. Getting members to shoulder the load by
      assuming leadership positions is very difficult.

      Unfortunately, too many organizations fall into the trap of having the
      same few members take the reigns to manage the club, to the point where
      they take ownership of their positions and other members accept that. If
      one volunteers to do all the work, other members will let him. After
      holding the position for 5 years, it is no surprise no one else wants
      your job, as members may now see that as your job. They may feel the
      same about serving on the board. Of course, this all assumes you have
      enough members to pass the job around... otherwise it is a moot point.

      Ultimately, if members are not sufficiently interested in taking
      responsibility for managing the club, then the club has already failed
      and should dissolve. An organization is only as good as its members are
      willing to make it.

      The only thing that will save your club is to reinstate its mission, and
      motivate members to actively pursue that mission. No organization can,
      or should, survive for long without a definite common purpose or
      mission. Unless members are invested accomplishing the mission, it will
      wither and die - and it should.

      Therefore, as current club leader, you must clarify and promote the
      mission. You must reaffirm and rekindle member interest in what they
      can do as an organization. Hopefully, that will, in turn, motivate
      members to renew their vows, renew their drive to accomplish the
      mission, and assume roles as leaders to make it their own. Without
      that sort of desire and motivation, the organization will fail.

      So I challenge you to press the mission. Get members excited about it.
      Motivate them to take action to accomplish the mission. Redefining
      and restating the mission is the first step. Having an objective, or
      setting a particular goal, they can achieve is an essential component.
      This is what you must do to save the outfit from becoming more than an
      occasional social meeting, at best, and to avoid a dissolution, at worst.

      Just MY take. Good luck.

      ---------------------------- K8JHR --------------------------

      On 11/15/2012 12:34 PM, yogithedog.geo wrote:

      > its all the same people, year after year. There's nothing wrong with
      > that, but it would be nice to see other people take the helm and add
      > their creativety to the club.

      > I'm stepping down as president after about 5 or so years. ( actually, it
      > sometimes feels like a millions!) I'm trying very hard to tell folks not
      > to be scared of the title pres. It should be fun, not all work.

      > any of you have ideas or suggestions on how to get other Ham's
      > interested in serving?

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