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PR 1-5-2013 Workers' Day - AD's message

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  • Alternattiva Demokratika
    Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party www.alternattiva.org.mt P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001 PR 1-5-2013 Workers’ Day: AD’s message Carmel Cacopardo,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013
    Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party
    P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001

    PR 1-5-2013
    Workers’ Day: AD’s message

    Carmel Cacopardo, Acting Chairperson, said: ‘On Workers’ Day AD
    emphasises that it is necessary to address social injustice and
    inequalities more seriously and concretely.”

    “AD”, added Cacopardo, “reiterates that there is a need to revise the
    minimum wage as was indicated in the study carried out by CARITAS in
    March 2012. The minimum wage as currently established does not
    guarantee a decent quality of life especially to low income workers. A
    more decent income can help increase productivity and, above all,
    enhance the spending power of low-income earners.

    “AD also believes that the COLA should be calculated every six months
    instead of on a yearly basis in order to ensure that workers are duly
    compensated for inflation within more realist time frames.  AD hopes
    that the idea of an "escape clause" in the COLA mechanism which was
    recently given a mention, is discarded, as if applied this will give
    rise to a wage freeze.”

    Angele Deguara, AD spokesperson for Social Policy, said: ‘There are
    many workers who despite having a job, do not have decent working
    conditions.  While political rhetoric about the need to combat
    precariousness and worker exploitation is common, not enough effort is
    actually done to curb abuses suffered by vulnerable workers such as
    those who work without a permit or else are forced to register as
    self-employed so that they would be denied the benefits which they are
    entitled to. There are workers whose health and safety at work is
    still not adequately protected.  Many workers lack job security
    because they are constrained to accept contract work for short periods
    of time. The government tendering system should address this problem
    in the long term by inserting social criteria with the aim of
    rewarding rather than penalising companies which offer decent working
    conditions and wages to their employees”.

    “Certain categories of workers such as manual workers, immigrants and
    foreign workers, persons with disability, ex-convicts, women, older
    and younger workers are more vulnerable than others.   Importance
    should also be given to the need of both women and men to be able to
    find a suitable work-life balance especially in cases of families with
    small children as well as to the need for the creation of more green

    PR 1-5-2013
    Jum il-Haddiem: il-messagg tal-AD

    Carmel Cacopardo, Acting Chairperson ta’ AD, qal: ‘F’Jum il-Haddiem,
    AD tishaq li hemm bzonn jigu indirizzati b’mod aktar serju u konkret
    l-inugwaljanxi u l-ingustizzji socjali.”

    “AD”, zied Cacopardo, “tishaq li hemm bzonn li tizdied il-paga minima
    hekk kif gie indikat mill-istudju li sar mill-CARITAS f’Marzu
    tal-2012. Il-paga minima hekk kif stabbilita bhalissa ma tiggarantix
    kwalita ta’ hajja dicenti lill-haddiema bi dhul baxx.  Dhul aktar
    dicenti jista’ jghin biex tizdied il-produttivita u, fuq kollox, tghin
    biex haddiema bi dhul baxx ikollhom aktar flus f’idejhom.”

    “AD temmen ukoll li l-COLA ghandha tigi mahduma kull sitt xhur minflok
    kull sena biex il-haddiema jigu ikkumpensati ghall-gholi tal-hajja fi
    zmien aktar realistiku.  AD tittama li l-idea ta’ "escape clause"
    fil-mekkanizmu tal-COLA li kien imsemmija dan l-ahhar, tigi imwarrba,
    ghaliex, jekk tkun applikata din twassal ghall-iffrizar tal-pagi”.
    Angele Deguara, il-Kelliema tal-AD ghall-Politika Socjali, qalet:
    ‘Hawn hafna haddiema li ghalkemm ghandhom xoghol, mhux qed jahdmu
    f'kundizzjonijiet xierqa.  Filwaqt li ssir hafna retorika politika
    dwar il-htiega li nikkumbattu l-prekarjat, mhux qed isir bizzejjed
    sforz biex jinqatghu l-abbuzi li qed isofru certi haddiema vulnerabbli
    bhal dawk li jkunu mgeghla jahdmu bla ktieb jew jirregistraw bhala
    self-employed biex ma jinghatawx il-beneficcji li huma ntitolati
    ghalihom.  Hawn haddiema li s-sahha u s-sigurta taghhom fuq il-post
    tax-xoghol mhux qed tigi mharsa.  Hafna haddiema  m'ghandhomx sigurta
    fuq il-post tax-xoghol ghax jahdmu b'kuntratti qosra kontra qalbhom”.

    “Is-sistema ta’ tendering tal-Gvern jehtieg li tindirizza din
    il-problema billi tinkludi fiha kriterji socjali biex dawk
    il-kumpaniji li joffru kundizzjonijiet u pagi dicenti lill-haddiema
    jigu ippremjati minflok ikkastigati”.

    “Certi kategoriji ta' haddiema bhal ma huma haddiema manwali,
    immigranti, nies b'disabilita, ex-habsin, nisa, haddiema fuq l-gherbin
    u haddiema zghazagh huma aktar vulnerabbli minn ohrajn.  Jehtieg ukoll
    tinghata aktar importanza ghall-bzonn li kemm nisa kif ukoll irgiel
    ikunu jistghu jibbilancjaw ir-responsabbiltajiet taghhom tax-xoghol u
    tal-hajja personali specjalment f'kazi ta' familji bi tfal zghar kif
    ukoll ghall-hteiga li jinholqu aktar green jobs’.
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