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PR: AD supports Gonzi's pledge to avoid genocide in Libya

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  • Michael Briguglio
    Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party www.alternattiva.org.mt P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001 Press Release 1/3/11 ALTERNATTIVA DEMOKRATIKA FULL SQUARE BEHIND
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2011

      Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party


      P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001

       Press Release 1/3/11


        Alternattiva Demkratika - The Green Party is full square behind Prime Minister Gonzi's pledge to avoid genocide in Libya.

      Prof. Arnold Cassola, AD Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, stated: "It is heartening to hear the Prime Minister state that Malta will not remain idle if faced by a genocide in Libya, because Malta respects human dignity and fundamental human rights".

      Prof. Cassola continued: "It is a pity that the Prime Minister was not so categorical over two years ago, when the Maltese government had approved of the Berlusconi-Gaddafi agreement which meant sending back asylum seekers into the criminal claws of the Gaddafi torturous regime.  At that time, the PL Leader Joseph Muscat had even stated that he was ready to suspend Malta's human rights obligations, as stipulated by the Geneva convention".

       Prof Cassola concluded: "Luckily the Prime Minister has now fully committed our country to provide full humanitarian aid to the Libyan people and pledged our country's aid against any form of genocide.  This is surely to be commended".

       AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio stated: "Europe cannot remain idle in the face of Gaddafi's serious threats.  The past experience of European impotence in Rwanda and Bosnia,where horrendous genocides were perpetuated, cannot be repeated.  UN mandated peace enforcement forces should be sent to Libya and a no-fly zone should be enforced over Libyan territory".

      Michael Briguglio added that in its Annual General Meeting last Saturday, AD approved a resolution to In its annual general meeting held on Saturday, Alternattiva Demokratika members approved a resolution on the situation in Libya. calling for a solidarity initiative between all 27 EU countries to share responsibility for refugees from Libya and other Maghreb countries. The motion calls for UN forces to stop violence and for a UN peacekeeping mission in Libya. AD shall also be presenting a similar resolution in the upcoming European Green Party congress in Budapest in a few weeks’ time.

      Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi yesterday said that his followers were ready to die for him as Western nations mulled options to prevent massacres and protect thousands fleeing violence in his country.

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