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Fw: Greens welcome passage of e-commerce directive

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  • Harry Vassallo
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      Subject: Greens welcome passage of e-commerce directive

      > Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament
      > Press Release
      > Brussels, 4 May 2000
      > The Green/ European Free Alliance Group today welcomed the passage of the
      E-Commerce Directive after unprecedented cross-party co-operation in
      Committee and in full Parliamentary Session, accepting Council's position.
      Commenting on its importance for the periphery of Europe, Neil MacCormick
      MEP said:
      > "It is imperative for consumers and for businesses throughout the Union to
      have a legal framework speedily brought into force to regulate this rapidly
      developing domain in a fair and balanced way. E-commerce offers the
      prospect for 'peripheral' countries like Scotland to have as complete access
      in reality to the single market as players nearer the 'centre'.
      > "But it is also imperative that we put effort into securing for all our
      people the opportunities implicit in this. Social exclusion implies
      E-exclusion, and every effort must be made to secure for all our citizens
      the means of access and the competence to use these means. There are
      formidable challenges ahead if we are to take full advantage of this new and
      vital medium for transactions."
      > Of course, there were imperfections in a Directive that was reached by
      compromise, but the Greens/EFA were glad that concerns expressed by MEP
      Nuala Ahern at Committee had been taken on board by the Commission and were
      accepted by Parliament as riders to the endorsement of the Council Common
      Position. Said Mrs Ahern:
      > "The huge growth in electronic commerce and the uncertainty in a number of
      areas about how existing legislation can be applied to the on-line provision
      of services meant that the adoption of the e-commerce directive was urgent.
      But the directive is far from perfect and the Commission must actively
      monitor its implementation.
      > "I am particularly concerned about the strong prominence placed on
      self-regulation, and the insufficient participation of consumers. The lack
      of accountability of intermediaries is also of grave concern and it is
      vital, given the speed with which illegal information can be transmitted on
      the Internet, that servers can be identified, without having to resort
      systematically to expensive and lengthy court procedures.
      > "That is why put forward amendments to the directive and I welcome the
      Commission's commitment to draft codes of conduct. And I hope the
      Commission will stick to its word and put forward stronger, more
      consumer-orientated provisions when it comes to the directive's three-year
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