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14-15 Gunju @ Chalet: L-Ekonomija Socjali

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  • Michael Briguglio
    On Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:36:22 -0700 Karsten Xuereb wrote: 14-15 Gunju: L-Ekonomija Socjali Hbieb, Qed nibaghtilkom ftit informazzjoni dwar il-Festival ta
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2003
      On Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:36:22 -0700 "Karsten Xuereb" wrote:
      14-15 Gunju: L-Ekonomija Socjali


      Qed nibaghtilkom ftit informazzjoni dwar il-Festival ta' l-Ekonomija
      Socjali li se jsir is-Sibt 14 u l-Hadd 15 ta' Gunju, Ghar id-Dud, fejn

      Programm ta' l-attivitajiet jaslilkom dalwaqt.

      Grazzi u sahhiet,
      Karsten Xuereb
      Koperattiva Kummerc Gust
      mob. 7946 7952

      Promoting the Social Economy

      Koperattiva Kummerc Gust (KKG), in close collaboration with the Third
      World Group, is very much concerned about the economic and social needs
      of the poor and marginalized communities it encounters during its work.
      What form of �economy� can respond to these needs, without endangering
      its resource base? The answer seems to be found in the Social Economy.
      In contrast to mainstream economics, whose major driving force is the
      profit motive, the social economy focuses on the economic, environmental
      and social development of the community. It offers ownership within a
      community or among people with a shared interest, while benefiting both
      the community and individual members.

      As part of the Med2000 project, which has helped fund the very successful
      Worldfest initiative, KKG has attempted to identify some of the social
      economy actors in Malta. Social economy endeavours are being created to
      meet changing social and economic circumstances, and these will be
      participating together in a two day solidarity roadshow to be held on the
      14th and 15th of June, at Ghar id-Dud, Sliema (next to Chalet). Until
      now, Dar Nazareth, Koperattiva Franco Si, the Gaia Foundation and the
      Genista Foundation have agreed to participate together with KKG in this
      very interesting and first time initiative. These organisations are
      based on voluntary participation, membership and commitment.

      This activity is organised in collaboration with an Italian NGO called
      CRIC that works towards sustainable development in the Mediterranean
      region and beyond. For this activity a roving exhibition put up by CRIC,
      hence the name solidarity roadshow, and a group of musicians will arrive
      in Malta. The roving exhibition will be set up at Ghar id-Dud (in front
      of the Chalet). Foreign and local musicians will also use the venue for
      �mini musical performances�. Interesting initiatives will also be taking
      place such as teaching passers-by on how to use a solar cooker. The
      participating non-profit voluntary organisations will also set up mini
      stalls to promote their activities, products and crafts. Proceedings from
      any sales will be used to combat environmental degradation and
      marginalisation, and to alleviate poverty.

      The social economy is important because it meets new needs, favours
      citizen participation and voluntary work and enhances solidarity and
      cohesion. By giving visibility to the initiatives of local actors in the
      social economy, the organisers of this activity are appealing to all
      civil society organisations to actively support the social economy. It
      is still hard to comprehend why say, fair-trade coffee is not served
      during workshops organised by civil society organisations. Being part
      of a roving roadshow within the Mediterranean region, this activity also
      aims to promote partnerships within the region aimed at improving living
      conditions, with a focus on sustainability, solidarity and peace.

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