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8462PR 05-12-2013 AD submissions to MEPA on ODZ policies Consultation

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  • Alternattiva Demokratika
    Dec 4, 2013
    Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party
    P.O. Box 38, Marsa, MTP1001

    PR 05-12-2013
    AD submissions to MEPA on ODZ policies Consultation

    AD-The Green Party is publishing the submissions it presented to MEPA as part of the consultation process relative to ODZ policies.

    AD’s submissions were presented by Carmel Cacopardo (Deputy Chairman and Spokesman on Sustainable Development and Home Affairs) and Simon Galea (Spokesman on Agriculture and Animal Rights).

    PR 05-12-2013
    Sottomissjonijiet ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika dwar il-Konsultazzjoni fuq il-politika fl-ODZ

    Alternattiva Demokratika qed tippubblika is-sottomissjonijiet li ippreżentat lill-MEPA bħala parti mill-proċess ta’ konsultazzjoni pubblika dwar iz-Zona barra mill-Iżvilupp (ODZ). Is-sottomissjonijiet ta’ Alternattiva Demokratika ġew ipprezentati minn Carmel Cacopardo (Vici Chairman u kelliemi dwar l-Iżvilupp Sostenibbli u l-Intern) u Simon Galea (kelliemi dwar l-Agrikultura u d-Drittijiet tal-Annimali).