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Dr Bate's newsletter 10-30-10 - Losing weight

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  • Phil Bate PhD
    Hi all There s a very interesting article on the testing that uses placebos. Of the 167 done in 2008 and 2009, 92% did not report the ingredients in the
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      Hi all

      There's a very interesting article on the testing that uses placebos.
      Of the 167 done in 2008 and 2009, 92% did not report the ingredients
      in the so-called placebos. They are supposed to be "inert", but
      nothing is really inert. Sugar has many effects on the body. So,
      the authors are claiming that the the results should all be thrown
      out as more of the Big Pharma falsehoods. It's in the IntPsy group.


      Indiana parents are being told to abandon their handicapped kids at
      shelters according to a story in the Chicago Tribune. It seems that
      there are many bankrupt families, and the money crunch makes it
      impossible for some to adequately care for their kids, so the state of
      Indiana advises them to abandon their kids in shelters. What is this
      country coming to?


      Free teleseminar series on hormone health. Estrogen is a major key to
      women's health, but it needs to be understood. This series should


      The 7 most dangerous lies your doctor may be telling you. (even if he
      doesn't know it)


      Natural News - The flu vaccine push has reached a new absurdity this
      week with the launch of a quadruple-dose "super" vaccine aimed at
      senior citizens.


      Natural News also has a good article on reversing Diabetes type II.


      Dr Bill Douglas reports on Cocoa lowering blood pressure. At 82, I
      switched to hot cocoa instead of coffee every morning with breakfast,
      and within a few months I cut out my high blood pressure pills with
      much lower blood pressure readings, so I believe this report. I use
      Bakers chocolate, 1 heaping teaspoon, boiling water, and I use 5
      saccharine tablets to sweeten it (as a diabetic). To me it tastes
      great! Better than coffee. Also, it has been proved to have large
      amounts of antioxidants good for heart and overall health; Dark
      chocolate is good fo you. Milk chocolate not so much.


      Study Links Hormone Therapy to Higher Risk of Breast Cancer Death
      Hormone replacement therapy, a common treatment for post-menopausal
      women, may make them be twice as likely to die from breast cancer as
      women who never underwent hormone replacement, according to new
      research published Wednesday, October 18, 2010 by the Journal of the
      American Medical Association.


      This week I'm talking about weight loss. Most Americans are too fat
      for really good health, It's mostly due to poorer, less nutritious,
      food than our grandparents ate. Fast foods aren't very nutritious.

      As a psychologist in practice during the 70's to the 90's, I did a lot
      of hypnosis for weight loss. My success rate was the same as my
      contemporaries - between 50-60%. I was not happy with that
      percentage. A few spectacular results made me happy, but not good

      When I worked with EEG biofeedback, I noticed that some people started
      to lose weight without dieting or extra exercise. This included my
      late wife. Using my Neuroliminal Training CD's along with me, she
      lost over 35 pounds over time, and at 65, she was wearing bikinis,
      which she hadn't been able to do since 40 or so!

      On board a cruise ship in March with over 3000 passengers, she was
      easily in the top ten "most attractive women", and that group included
      a teen ager.

      Over a year ago, I made a new Neuroliminal Training CD that included a
      "lose weight" portion along with the raising of the SMR brain wave.
      This SMR portion either cures allergies, or lowers the effects of
      them. It's a fact that allergy is a major cause of weight problems.
      I myself ad a wheat allergy. I proved that it was most of my weight
      problem by cutting it out for 30 days, winning a bet with my brother
      years ago. I am now under 200 pounds down from 265 a few years ago.
      I look better and feel better. I eat anything, and don't gain

      I also made up a new Data Disk that includes the Relaxation and Self
      hypnosis script that I used in my practice. So, you get a double
      barreled approach in effect.

      I tested 6 volunteers. This data, with comments, is available at:
      http://drbate.com/Vols2.xls Check it out.

      Janet is the one woman who did not lose any real weight during the 8
      week test, but she cleared up so many emotional issues, that she was
      happy with the CD. She emailed me about 4-5 months later stating that
      she was NOW losing about 5 pounds a month just like most others.
      (That seems to be about the average loss.) I can only theorize that
      Janet's unconscious mind had other priorities to work on first. We
      know so little about how our own unconscious mind works to protect and
      keep us safe!

      This test was in 2009. At this point, I have sold close to 100 CD
      packages, and not one has been returned under the guarantee. "If you
      are dissatisfied, just return the CD package, and get a refund".

      You have to be patient. Brain Waves take time to adjust, and the
      unconscious mind is slow to react, but there are at least three
      advantages to using NT Cd's.

      1. No diet or exercise plan to "come off" and gain the weight back.
      2. Sleep patterns improve, and depression symptoms disappear along
      with the weight.
      3. Slow weight reduction is safe as well as permanent.

      I can only theorize that Janet's unconscious mind had other priorities
      to work on first. We know so little about how our own unconscious
      mind works to protect and keep us!

      Got a fat husband or wife? How about an NT CD as a Christmas present.
      You'll both benefit.

      Have good Halloween

      Phil Bate PhD
      http://drbate.com drbate@...
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