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  • Vivian Parson
    Merry Meet Cheryl, Glad to have you aboard, Also glad your interested in Reiki, I m am going for my 3rd degree in reiki aat which time I will be a reiki master
    Message 1 of 37 , Dec 19, 2001
      Merry Meet Cheryl,
        Glad to have you aboard, Also glad your interested in Reiki, I'm am going for my 3rd degree in reiki aat which time I will be a reiki master and teacher. I also have done some reading and studying upon wiccan.I was told not long ago by my friend and mentor Dr. Steven Hairfield that  i was leaning
      toward wiccan . He says I was one in a past life.I am not sure as I have not felt or sensed this . I do know i was very psychic and that it is getting stronger in this life.I hope we can talk more.
                                             Merry Part,
                                             Love and Light,
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      Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 9:40 AM
      Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Introduction

      Merry Meet everyone!
      My name is Cheryl Reed; my craft name is Ciera. I am a 46 year
      old, female Wiccan from Michigan. I was very excited to find this
      list and I actually found it because yahoogroups listed it as an
      editors pick. 
      I have gone through a few of the recent messages in the archives and know
      that I am going to enjoy being a list member. (and yes, there are wierd people
      of all religions, but I assure you that I am quite normal!)
      I work in a photography studio as my "pay the bills job" and I run a
      non-profit dog rescue which specializes in puppymill dogs as my
      "run up the bills job".  I, myself specialize in Chinese Cresteds.
      I have always felt that I have been "different".  When I found my path
      religiously and started delving into all the other occult areas I started to
      understand why. I have been given some very wonderful gifts which I
      am starting to develop.  I am very psychic and I have always been able
      to heal my own body at a remarkable rate.  I used to have dreams of
      laying my hands on people and healing them when I was young and in
      fact if someone was ill or hurt I would actually lay my hands on them to
      help.  My family called it my "Jesus Complex".  I was very excited to
      learn about Reiki as I feel that it might be my calling and hope to
      start Reiki classes in the future.
      I believe that I have been a witch in all my previous lives, because as I
      learn more about the occult, it feels that I have always known it on some
      I really look forward to being on this list. I think it will help my growth
      tremendously.  Thank you all for being here!
      Bright Blessings!


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    • JG303
      Gin, What works for me every time I do it is to go OFF sugar (and possibly sodium). It could be NOT what you re taking for depression but what you re NOT
      Message 37 of 37 , May 30, 2011

        What works for me every time I do it is to go OFF sugar (and possibly sodium). It could be NOT what you're taking for depression but what you're NOT taking (sugar)!

        Like most of us I don't have the time to watch my diet as carefully as I'd like. But when I remember, and go OFF sugar (products) within 2-3 days, I feel clear-headed, with no inclination towards feeling down. It almost feels like a re-birth. An added bonus....I find that all aches & pains are gone. I bounce out of bed, and can jump up and down in my desk chair.

        To be fair, this might only work for me, but if it's that bad for you, I would give it a try.

        --- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "ginrosemom" <ginrosemom@...> wrote:
        > Hi, I am a 30yo mom of 4. I have chronic stress for the past at least the last 15 years maybe my whole life. I have had digestive trouble for as long as I can remember and cannot remember many times I was actually happy as a kid. I have also fought with depression most of my life. I tried the medical route but have yet to find a perscription that will do more then keep me from totally going over the edge. I have tried herbs, sometimes they help for things and sometimes they don't. I also do some yoga but that hasn't seemed to help much in the past. Also I was raised with a very strong christian upbringing, I didn't find that helped me at all with these problems and I didn't see any of the healing happening that they always prayed for. I am starting to learn about healing with crystals but only a month in on reading about it. I am very open to trying anything at this point or any tips since I only know what I have read so far. I live in a small town with access to only the internet for resources and learning. We don't have very much alternative healing available and I don't have access to teaching in this area either. So I am really glad to be here and able to learn more, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
        > Gin
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