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4615710 Tools For Forgiveness

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  • yogiguruji
    Jul 25, 2016
      Good Morning!

      10 Tools For Forgiveness

      The need to understand the power and place of forgiveness in our world is important in the healing process. See humility as forgiveness. Your own sense of peace and contentment are born out of forgiveness. How and when you forgive, reflects much of the way you view yourself and the world around you. Consider these reasons and tools for forgiving:

      1. Our ability to forgiven is in direct proportion to our ability to receive forgiveness.

      2. When we are able to forgive all parts of ourselves, this allows us to be that much more perfect and whole. This in turn helps us to forgive others for any past mistakes.

      3. Remember: mistakes come from good people who from time to time made some bad choices.

      4. Judgments, resentments and grudges are destructive emotions. When left unchecked, unresolved or not under control, they can wash away the foundation of any relationship.

      5. A wake-up call is in order! Talk it out. Resolve issues, disputes and misunderstanding by expressing your feelings in a calm, well thought out, civil conversation. Preferably in person.

      6. When we hurt ourselves we hurt each other. Learn to forgive yourself by releasing your guilt. Learn to forgive others by letting go of your ego.

      7. Remind yourself that we live in each other's hearts and when we look at ourselves we see each other. When we love each other we love ourselves more.

      8. Learn to understand the relief you gain from forgiveness.

      9. Step up to the plate and speak your peace.

      10. Forgiving is the ultimate in acceptance of yourself and others. It revels a path to our true selves.

      “I ask for clarity to see,
      and bless those persecuting me.
      Allow me to forgive myself,
      for holding on, release the past,
      So I can move on forward to
      that which keeps me strong and true.” 

      Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
      Therapies for healing
      mind, body, spirit