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46155Color Therapy For Summer

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  • yogiguruji
    Jul 15, 2016
      Good Morning!

      Color Therapy For Summer

      Red is the color associated with Summer and green is its complement. Red energy is governed by the spine or the Root Chakra. The power center is closely grounded by earth, is outgoing, and portrays a positive attitude. The Root Chakra must be grounded. Fatigue, fear, and anxiety are often caused by the missing contact with the earth reality.

      The Root Chakra - energizes the feet, legs, tailbone, vagina, urinary organs, and adrenaline glands.

      This energy gives power to the strong life qualities of courage, self-confidence, security, positive love, and will power. Symbolic of heat, fire and anger. It is a stimulating and energizing color. It stimulates arterial blood and brings warmth to cool extremities. Used as a general tonic, it is very valuable in the treatment of diseases like low blood pressure, rheumatism, paralysis, anemia and advanced cases of tuberculosis. 

      Red is the color associated with fire, the element of summer.

      In using Red, you are striving for balance. This is the energy you need to help the chakras to function in accordance with the others.

      Red may help when:

      *you need courage and self-confidence
      *are anemic
      *feel tired or indisposed
      *have poor blood circulation
      *you are cold
      *need renewed energy

      Red governs the base of the spine, the spinal column, adrenals, kidneys, bladder, colon, legs and blood. Red energy is used in relation to the physical, self-preservation and survival mode. Red should be use for grounding, security and for courage. Use Red as a sensory stimulant, creating instinctual behavior, getting in touch with primal instincts, family matters, as well as, creating spontaneous and active behavior.

      Light Therapy and Color Therapy modalities of healing are profound and are great integrative therapies that can be used in conjunction with many other forms of health care.

      Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
      Therapies for healing
      mind, body, spirit 

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